Ahmad Ibrahim: Lebanon’s Basketball Hope?

Lebanon FlagAhmad Ibrahim, a native of Lebanon, is a 6-7 shooting guard/small forward that shined brightly for the Lebanese in the U18 Asian Championships.

During that tournament, Ibrahim was praised by many coaches for his high basketball skills and IQ despite his age; Ahmad is just a 16 years kid.

By many accounts, Ibrahim can shoot from outside, come off screens for his accurate midrange jumpers, and has shown the potential to become a major college prospect during the next few years.

Fadi El-Khatib, arguably regarded as the best Lebanese basketball player in history, recently spoke about Ahmad Ibrahim during an interview.

When Khatib was asked about future basketball generations, he praised Ibrahim.

“I’ve noticed a strong kid called Ahmad during a practice at Manara court,” said Khatib “(Ibrahim is) definitely strong and skilled. He has for sure a chance to become the second Lebanese-born, after Rony Seikaly, to play in the NBA if he continues his improvement.”

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Ahmad, born 1992, is currently playing and continuing his education at Patterson High School in Texas, USA.

Websites have likened the youngster to Hedo Turkoglu in that Ahmad is similar in physical appearance and style of play.

Ahmad has the potential to become a solid player in the future, he is tall (6’7) and a full-bodied player with very good three-point accuracy.

Ibrahim has already received a lot of interest from major colleges including Arkansas, Seton Hall, Texas A&M, Missouri,and Oklahoma State and this is still with two years before going to the NCAA.

Lebanese Patriot
Ahmad Ibrahim has  not forgotten his roots; he moved from the US to Yemen in the summer of 2008 to wear the jersey of the Lebanese youth National team and there the story of his potential began.

Because he had no chance to practice with his teammates, Ahmad needed to adjust with the team and the coach used the tournament, the Waba Championships, as a chance to improve the chemistry between the players before the big event,the Asian U18 Championship which was held in Iran.

There, Ibrahim stole the show. He averaged 30 points per game with 6.7 rebounds and 1.7 blocks.  It was exciting to see a teenager, two years the junior of many of his teammates, leading his team.

His performance in that tournament displayed his development, potential and leaderships skills.

After Fadi El khatib and Elie Mchantaf, Lebanon hasn’t been able to produce strong players but Ahmad has that potential; he has the talent to become Lebanon’s best player in the future.

Even at 16 years old, some experts and fans demanded that Ahmad represent the senior National Team in the Asian Championships, but Ahmad was busy with camps in Texas.

Ibrahim was recently in China when he received an invitation to participate in the Basketball without Borders camp organized by the NBA in the presence of NBA experienced players and coaches.

Ahmad Ibrahim is Lebanon’s hope for a better future.

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