Why basketball arenas and sports stadiums are switching to LED lighting systems

LED is no longer a secret. These light-emitting diodes (LED) have proven themselves as are one of the most energy-efficient and rapidly-innovating technologies. The benefits of LED lighting has been accepted over their Incandescent cousins and has since revolutionized several industries that require lights. Think car headlights, hospitals, think the World Trade Center in New York, and small businesses optimizing their operational costs.

When and where it makes sense, basketball arenas and sports stadiums with their thousands of lights and screens, around the world are embracing LED. Switching too LED makes sense on many fronts. Here’s a few reasons why it makes sense no matter your industry.

LED Lighting Maximizes Visual Comfort and Minimizes Glare

Precision, lighting-fast passes and pinpoint-accuracy shots can make or break a game, but your players need to have absolute perfect vision of the court to pull them off. Glare can throw off even the best player and irritate even the most dedicated fan. LED lighting provides maximum clarity and illumination by using a color rendering that mimics natural sunlight. This natural lighting spectrum reduces visual fatigue and glare for fans and players alike.

LED Lights Reduce Energy and Maintenance Costs 

Not unlike the differences between LED and Incandescent light bulbs in our homes, the former will save you money over time.

If you had to choose between an LED lighting system that lasts 100,000 hours or a system that lasts 20,000 hours, you would make the obvious choice. When you consider that LED lights also are more efficient and can save up to 70% on your lighting costs almost immediately, the decision becomes even easier.

The durability of an LED lighting system creates a snowball effect of savings by also decreasing maintenance costs. Because you’re replacing often difficult-to-reach bulbs up to 75% less frequently, you’ll save on maintenance crews and expensive downtime. Add on that LED luminaires are also made to hang-tough and stay durable in any environment, and it’s easy to see why everyone is making the switch.

LED Lighting Provides the Best Fan Experience

LED lighting provides high illumination levels of 140 lumens/watt. This gives your arena a proper color contrast and increases lighting coverage with fewer fixtures. Plus, LED lighting provides a color rendering index of CRI>85 that eliminates eye fatigue for players and fans.

Those that work in the lighting industry know how difficult it can be to obtain full lighting coverage. Did you know LED luminaires provide a flexible system with several beam spreads? These spreads and angles let you point light in any zone to maximize coverage and provide a uniform lighting area for hazardous zones like bleachers. In an arena with LED lighting, there are no dark spots or ill-lit areas on TV or in person.This focused lighting also eliminates distracting shadows.

LED Lights Power On Instantly

Unlike Metal Halide and other lighting systems, an LED luminaire turns on the instant you activate it. There’s no warming up or cooling down period. This means that in the event of a temporary power outage or generator activation, there will be no delay in getting your arena fully illuminated.

Basketball is an incredibly fast-paced, intense, high-octane sport, and that’s why it leaves us at the edge of our seats. Nothing is more satisfying than watching your favorite player escape the defense and make an electrifying dunk, and as many final-moment victories have shown us, every single second counts.

Don’t let your fans miss even one of them due to poor lighting in the arena. LED lighting is the number one choice for new and upgrading arenas, and here’s why.

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