So, how many games will Kevin Durant miss in the NBA Finals?

It is pretty clear now that Kevin Durant won’t be fit in time for the start of the NBA finals on May 30th. The MVP of the last two NBA Finals will not make a comeback to the court anytime soon, it seems.

The best player in the NBA is still nursing his injured right calf. With Durant out for the first game, Golden State is hoping that DeMarcus Cousins will be fit in time for Golden State’s opening game against Toronto Raptors on 30th, if we go by coach Steve Kerr’s statement, his return too is still up in the air.

Golden State are fairly up in the NBA Power Rankings, placed at 2nd position, just behind Milwaukee Bucks. The Toronto Raptors who have now won the Eastern Conference Finals after scoring a thrilling series victory over the top-rated Bucks, are placed third in the rankings. It will be the first time that a Canadian team will be competing for the NBA championship.

Durant and Cousins are Recovering Well

The team carried out a revaluation of both Cousins and Durant recently and both player are reportedly showing good signs of recovery. They are hopeful that the two NBA All-Stars will return at some point during the series — which is the fifth straight NBA Finals that the Golden State Warriors have participated in

Durant is making healthy progress during the training sessions and the way he is moving, he seems to be comfortably handling the weight room.

Talking to the press, the coach Kerr said, “We’ve known all along, it’s how he responds. There’s never been a point during this process where we’ve been able to say, `he’s going to play on such and such date,’ and there still isn’t, so we just keep going, keep moving forward. But again, he hasn’t spent any time on the court with us, hasn’t gone through an individual shooting workout.”

On the other hand, Cousins is working his way back from a tear in the left quadriceps muscle, which he suffered during the 2nd game of the first round against LA Clippers. He attended the practice session last Thursday, stepping on court for the first time since getting injured on April 16. Talking to the press, Cousins showed optimism and stated that he’ll see where his body takes him going forward and that he has been feeling a lot better than earlier. Looking at him, he seems to be getting up and down the court pretty well and is in a better place.

Both Players Uncertain to Start

Golden State took a few days off after concluding a sweep of the Trailblazers in Portland. Now that the Eastern Conference Finals have completed, they now know which team they’ll need to plan for and are in full game-planning mode.

Prior to Durant’s injury, his postseason points per game average was 34.2 points. Everything before he got injured during Game 5 of the Conference semifinals against Houston Rockets indicated that the Warriors needed Durant’s otherworldly skills and talent, but since then, the Warriors have racked up five consecutive wins. The Warriors have seen a rejuvenated Steph Curry and looked like Golden State of old, so much so that there have been nonsensical questions to whether they Warriors need Durant or not. Clearly a lot has changed since Durant landed in an awkward position on his right foot after a baseline jumper.

Kerr hasn’t committed to any role for Cousins when the mercurial center returns, unlike last time when he returned after almost a year long absence and then started immediately. Going by the coach, it depends entirely on how he is moving and how the series unfolds.

The question isn’t whether Durant will play in game one any longer, but it’s whether he’ll come back at all. NBA Heads are speculating that as long as the Warriors are winning, they’ll take as much time as needed to ensure that KD is 100%. However, if Golden State loses a couple games, we wouldn’t be surprised to see Durant back in the lineup.

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