Zion Williamson featured on the newest SLAM Magazine cover (SLAM issue #222)

The month of June might be renamed the month of Zion Williamson. The consensus #1 pick going into the NBA Draft will be in an New Orleans Pelicans jersey.

The Pelicans are the NBA franchise that beat the odds and won the rights to select number one in next month’s draft to be held on June 20, 2019. New Orleans went into the NBA Draft Lottery with a 6% chance at Zion and their ping pong ball came up — do those odds inspire you to gamble a little, then visit usbettingcodes.com at usbettingcodes.com to roll the dice. Hey, the Pelicans did it with such low odds, so why can’t you?

On top of that, Zion is going to be featured on the upcoming SLAM Magazine cover. SLAM Issue #222 shows off Zion Williamson wearing a t-shirt of the same SLAM magazine featuring him. As if we don’t see enough of Zion already. The magazine cover title says THE FUTURE IS NOW in Back to the Future font.

The July/August issue of SLAM will also highlight the next generation of basketball stars, in fact they’ll profile 33 players in the magazine including features on Williamson, Ja Morant, Napheesa Collier,LaMelo Ball, Hailey Van Lith, and Mikey Williams.

How Zion Managed NBA Pressures While at Duke

In the feature on Zion, SLAM gets in-depth into where the 18 year old’s mindset was this past year and how much he loved being in college, his favorite classes, and enjoyed his one year at Duke so much that he didn’t want to leave. However, he understood that the risks were too great to stay another year or two.

“You get this college experience once,” Williamson said. “If you’re in a situation like mine, where you’re one and done, I’m just trying to make the most of what I got. I love Duke, and honestly, I don’t want to leave. If I didn’t have as much at stake, I probably would stay for another year. But I can’t.”

The piece even delves into Zion’s thoughts after his shoe exploded on the court and he was forced to miss a few games due to the related injury. Though several NBA players told him that he should “shut it down,” Zion had to do what felt right to Zion. Everyone sees the highlight dunks, but that’s the other side of what makes Williamson so special; he’s thoughtful, loyal and has an infectious positive outlook.

More Features and Magazine Covers to Come

No doubt this will be one of many magazine covers that the amazing Zion will be featured on in the coming months. With all the potential movement of big name players like Kevin Durant and Kyrie Irving, and the coming of Zion, the 2019-2020 season is going to be an exciting one.

This is second time that Zion has been on SLAM’s cover, the first time being way back on the August 2017 issue when Zion was still in his Spartanburg Day high school jersey.

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