What is Laine Hardy’s race and ethnicity – is the American Idol winner part Asian?

Laine Hardy's race appears to be mixed asian

Laine Hardy was born on September 12, 2000 and raised in Livingston, Louisiana. He took an interest in music at a very young age when he began taking lessons and playing guitar at the age of 8 years old. Taking influences from Elvis and inspiration from bluegrass and rock, Laine continued focusing on music throughout his high school years and graduated from the French Settlement High School last year.

The 18 year old singer is now best known for being the winner of American Idol Season 17 after he defeated 24-year-old singer-songwriter Alejandro Aranda from Pomona, California.

With Laine being named American Idol, he became one of only two American Idol contestants to have returned after losing during a previous season to come back and win the competition in another. With his beautiful voice, champion performance and American Idol looks inspired by Elvis, It’s no surprise that fans of the show are interested in every aspect of Laine’s personal life and background.

What is Laine Hardy’s Race?

One of those details that fans are curious about is Laine’s features. In particular, what his background is.

For many Asians and Asian-Americans who watched this season of American Idol knew that the 2019 American Idol champion was Asian or at least some part Asian. It wasn’t difficult for us to see that he had some Asian blood.

This feeling was seemingly confirmed the other night when Facebook photos were posted on the social media network by his mother Cindy Lou.

However, it wasn’t the FB photos that confirmed Laine’s racial background, it’s whom was posting them. Not only does Cindy Lou’s profile have many photos of Laine performing on the popular American singing content, but unsurprisingly there are several photos of Cindy Lou herself on her Facebook profile and she appears to be is of Asian descent. Laine’s mother also appears in the hometown visit segment popular during the show’s final episode.

Who are Laine Hardy’s Mom and Dad

Let’s take a deeper look at Laine’s parents to see if we can get a clue or confirm his lineage.

Laine Hardy’s father, Barry, appears to be Caucasian. Barry works as a general contractor for BDH Construction LLC, based in Laine’s hometown of Livingston, Louisiana. And it’s all about properties when it comes to Laine’s family as his mother Cindy Lou sells houses in the Baton Rouge area with a company called Property First Reality Group (where you can see Cindy’s profile on their about page).

So What is Laine Hardy’s Race?

If Laine’s father is Caucasian and his mother is of Asian descent, then that would make Laine a multi-racial American or Hapa.

If that’s true, we’re obviously uncertain how bi-racial he is, meaning we don’t know what percentage Caucasian he is and what percentage Asian he is. That has yet to be determined or confirmed by anyone in his family or by Laine himself. For his part, Laine chooses to focus on his music and career, and has yet to speak publicly about his race, lineage or ethnicity.

I mean even if he puts on Elvis digs, Laine gives off major Cantopop star vibes. Stay tuned. We’ll update this post when or if new information comes.

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  • Caren CHARLES

    You must bc e blind or in dire need of glasses. I can tell that he is part Asian by looking at him and also his tan skin.

  • In the hometown segment on the final episode of American Idol when they are sitting at the dinner table and chatting, that has to be his maternal grandmother sitting beside him because she looks full Asian. So I’d guess he’s at least one quarter. That would be assuming his mother was half Asian, which she could be full as well. His Asian features are obvious.

  • Hi JD — thanks for that, we totally missed the grandmother! Definitely obvious to many people (including me), but I think there’s a large chunk of population that may not see or recognize those features due to their lack of exposure to Asians. Unlike some mixed asians, there are some angles and photos where Laine looks “different,” but could be interpreted as a darker Caucasian.

  • I knew immediately when I watched AI for the first time Laine was a mixed race American which made him a very handsome, exotic look and it sure helped him getting more attention from the audience. Most of all, He has amazing musical talent, his unique vocal along with great guitar skill. I can see his determination to reach his goal. Only the sky is the limit. Congratulations Laine Hardy!!!

  • Laine just twittered that his grandmother is from Seoul so that makes him 1/4 Korean. I am so very glad that he won and hope he has long term success!

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