These are the 8 longest NBA Playoff games with the most overtimes in NBA history

Last night’s Western Conference semifinals game between the Portland Trailblazers and the Denver Nuggets went deep into the night. The game required 4 overtimes before the Blazers won 140-137 in an absolute barn burner with the Denver Nuggets.

In fact, the game tied a record for the most overtimes in an NBA playoff game which means it’s also tied for the longest game in NBA post season history. Behind Rodney Hood‘s clutch shots and CJ McCollum‘s 41 points, the Blazers pulled out the critical game three between the two franchises that went into the history books. Speaking of history books, that got us in the mindset of which  NBA Playoff games had the most overtimes.

The Longest NBA Playoff Games (Most Overtimes)

Here’s the longest NBA Playoff games / NBA Playoff games with the most overtime periods in NBA history:

NBA Playoff Games with Most Overtimes
1 4 68 1953 Boston Celtics 110-105 Syracuse Nationals Gm 2 East Semifinal
1 4 68 2019 Portland Trailblazers 140-137 Denver Nuggets Gm 3 West Semifinals
2 3 63 1976 Boston Celtics 128-126 Phoenix Suns Gm 5 NBA Finals
2 3 63 1993 Phoenix Suns 129-121 Chicago Bulls Gm 3 NBA Finals
2 3 63 2004 New Jersey Nets 127-120 Detroit Pistons Gm 5 East Semifinals
2 3 63 2009 Chicago Bulls 128-127 Boston Celtics Gm 6 1st Round
2 3 63 2011 Oklahoma City Thunder 133-123 Memphis Grizzlies Gm 4 West Semifinals
2 3 63 2013 Chicago Bulls 142-134 Brooklyn Nets Gm 4 1st Round

The Nuggets were led by Nikola Jokic‘s third triple double in the 2019 NBA Playoffs with 33 points, 18 boards and 14 dimes.

The Other Longest NBA Playoff Game

There’s 66 years between the two longest NBA Playoff games. Prior to the Denver-Portland marathon, the only other four-overtime NBA Playoff game was back on May 21, 1953 when the Red Auerbach-coached Boston Celtics defeated the Syracuse Nationals 111-105 in an Eastern Division semifinal. The Celtics were led by the legendary Bob Cousy‘s 50 points and Ed Macauley‘s 18 points. That win allowed the Celtics to advance to the next round as it was a best of five series.

In the league’s entire playoff history, there’s never been a more than four overtimes, but there’s been several four overtime games in the regular season. There’s also been a couple five-overtime games and the longest NBA regular season game was a six-overtime game between Indianapolis Olympians and Rochester Royals in 1951.


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    That’s a few more than 5 games. And how about OT’s in the Finals?

  • This series turns out to be a very exciting and thrilling one.These teams are two powerful teams with a bunch of talents. The nuggets maybe slightly better offensively with young and talented squad while the blazers have lillard and mccollumn the the best back court other than curry and thompson. To win over the other I think it all comes down to adjustments especially in-game adjustments. The strategy to stop or limit each other might be the key to win this series.

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