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With 2006’s overall #1 pick Andrea Bargnani’s poor performance for Toronto this past season, and Marco Bellineli riding the bench after a great preseason, some might assume NBA scouts would be a little hesitant to rate another Italian player so highly.

Luckily for Danilo Gallinari, this isn’t the late 1980s or early 90s.  This is a different era, where the performance of his countrymen no longer weigh so heavily on his worth.

Italian Danilo Gallinari is this year’s #1 rated international prospect going into the 2008 NBA Draft.  Gallinari is a smooth 6-9, 225lb small-forward from Sant’Angelo Lodigiano, Italy.

He currently plays for Armani Jeans Milano and has a contract for the next two-years, with a clause that allows him to break his contract this year if he wanted to pursue playing in the NBA.

Danilo Gallinari’s Skillset
I can’t help to compare some of Gallanari’s traits to fellow countryman Andrea Bargnani.   Gallinari is a much purer shooter than Bargnani, though like Bargnani, he seems to settle for the outside shot too much.

And like Bargnani, Gallinari has good size and a solid body, but will also have trouble playing against quicker players and will have issues rebounding the ball on the next level. Besides the fact that both are also Italian, the similarities end there.  Danilo Gallinari separates himself is with his athletic ability,  the ability to handle the ball, high basketball IQ and intensity.  All these qualities and varied skills make Gallinari the highest-regarded Italian prospect ever.

Why not #1?
If Bargnani was #1 in 2006 and Gallinari is so great, why is he #5-8 in mock drafts across the internet?

Well Bargnani came out in 2006, the last year where high school players could declare themselves eligible for the NBA draft, with the new one-year rule being implemented in 2007, we’re seeing higher-quality, more-experienced prospects coming from the US.   NBA mock drafts have 7-8 freshmen in the their top-ten picks: Michael Beasley, Derrick Rose, Jerryd Bayless, O.J. Mayo, Eric Gordon, DeAndre Jordan, Kevin Love and Anthony Randolph.   With 7-foot sophmore center Brook Lopez and Gallanari filling out that list.

Euroleague’s Rising Star
Gallinari was surprisingly selected as the Euroleague’s 2008 Rising Star, beating out Nikola Pekovic, whom was assumed to have the trophy locked-up.  Nikola played for a better team, didn’t miss half the season as Gallinari did, and had a much larger impact for his team.   Nevertheless, the EL coaches found that Gallinari’s potential was so great, they chose him for the ULEB Rising Star trophy for 2008.

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