Elite 8 Bracket: Printable PDF, blank and fillable for March Madness 2019

Did you know that when the NCAA Men’s tournament started 80 years ago this year, there was only eight teams in the entire field of teams? There wasn’t a selection show or even a Sweet Sixteen, that that initial 1939 tournament commenced with eight college programs in search of the March Madness championship.

Today the NCAA tournament is a intense schedule of approximately 52 games in six days, and even still we would only be at the Sweet Sixteen stage of the bracket. Speaking of which, the Sweet Sixteen is near completion. In honor of the final eight teams of the tournament we created a couple versions of the Elite Eight bracket so that fans of March Madness can view, download and print out.

Elite 8 Bracket Schedule 2019

Who will join Gonzaga, Texas Tech, Purdue and Virginia in the Elite Eight? Whatever teams come out, here’s a view of the Elite Eight schedule onto the Final Four and then to  championship game set to be played in Minneapolis.

Elite Eight Schedule for 2019
Round Region Date Day
Elite Eight West March 29 2019 Saturday
Elite Eight South March 29 2019 Saturday
Elite Eight Midwest March 30 2019 Sunday
Elite Eight East March 30 2019 Sunday
Final Four Minneapolis April 6 2019 Saturday
NCAA championship Minneapolis April 8 2019 Monday

The Elite Eight quarterfinals (as well as the Sweet 16) is to be played in four regions before coming together in Minnesota for the final two stages: Final Four and the championship game at the end of the month and beginning of April.

Elite Eight Brackets: Printable in PDF, Blank

Listen between you and me, we’ve got an Elite 8 bracket that will satisfy like a Snickers bar. This blank and seeded version of the eight team bracket is available in three different formats that your printer will enjoy printing out. First here’s our eight team bracket with all teams on one side (though separated). Take a look and gander

On the other hand, here’s the more standard (and more popular) two-sided Elite 8 bracket you’re more used to seeing. It’s used more often because two sides makes it easier to differentiate visually the two “sides” of the bracket.

Print your favorite bracket layout in either one sided PDF or if you prefer the more-traditional two-sided PDF layout of the eight team bracket. You can save and print the full-size image in JPEG below. Here is the another eight-team bracket in PDF if you’re looking for another version to consider. These brackets are also good for other tournaments past March Madness. So feel free to use them for hockey, volleyball, soccer, softball, dodgeball, and other team sports tournaments.

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