Funko Pop Wayne Gretzky (4-pack): 5 Fast Facts You Need To Know

It doesn’t get much cooler than this 4 pack of Wayne Gretzkys figures by Funko Pop. It comes as no surprise that the 4 pack of Wayne Gretzky is selling briskly due to Gretzky being one of the greatest, if not the greatest professional hockey player of all time.

1. The Great One: It’s hard not to be considered the greatest when you are referred to the nickname of “The Great One”, and Gretzky has been called “the greatest hockey player ever” by almost everyone that knows hockey.

2. Most Points In NHL History: He’s considered the Great One because over his 20 years in the league, Gretzky remains the leading goal scorer and assist-man in National Hockey League history. That’s really great.

3. Four Gretzkys, Four Teams: This pack of “The Great One” represents the four teams the greatest hockey player played for in his NHL career. If you forgot, Gretzky played for the Edmonton Oilers, Los Angeles Kings, New York Rangers and St. Louis Blues.

4. Fanatics Exclusive: This four-pack of Wayne Gretzy is a Fanatics exclusive Funko Pop. That means it’s only really available through Fanatics. Buy it here.

5. The Chase: The Kings version of the Funko figure is considered the variant or “chase” figure with The Great One in a white Kings colorway. As Funko Pop lovers know the “chase” is the one unique “variant” figure that comes in the cases of six Funko Pop figures.

This four figure pack displays Gretzky on all four of the National Hockey League uniforms he put on over his he played for 20 seasons in the professional league. Speaking of the greatest ones, Fanatics also somehow secure some exclusive Michael Jordan Pop figures according to

Like most Funko Pop figures, the Gretzky four pack of figures is made of 100% Vinyl and has been unsurprisingly selling very well this year as it’s a great item for any hockey related gifts or collectible for NHL fans, young and old.

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