Sweet 16 Bracket: Printable in PDF, fillable, and seeded for March Madness

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The tickets have been punched and the Sweet 16 round of the 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament is set.

If you are looking for the right place to find the Sweet 16 bracket, you have landed on the right Website. Most fans find this to be a good time to reset their chances with the second-chance bracket contests available online since many fans have already had their brackets busted from the opening two rounds of play.

Remaining NCAA Teams in the Sweet Sixteen 2019

Unlike 2018, all four #1 seeds are still in the tournament for the 2019 March Madness with just 16 teams in the bracket. We only have one double digit seed left in play with #12 Oregon who will be taking on #1 seed UVA in the Sweet 16. After last season, many basketball fans needed to have a more “normal” edition of March Madness this year 😊

The following are the remaining match ups in the Sweet 16 for the 2019 edition of March Madness:

  • #1 Duke vs #4 Virginia Tech
  • #3 LSU vs #2 Michigan State
  • #1 Gonzaga  vs #4 Florida State University
  • #3 Texas Tech vs #2 Michigan
  • #1 UVA vs #12 Oregon
  • #3 Purdue vs #2 Tennessee
  • #1 North Carolina vs #5 Auburn
  • #3 Houston vs #2 Kentucky

For those who still can’t believe that the SEC has four of the 16 teams in the next round of play, or the fact that the ACC and SEC have half of the teams still in play, the next weekend poses to give us some exciting games to watch to see if we will see a Final Four of all #1 and #2 seeds, or if we will have someone play Cinderella this postseason!

If you are interested in buying some March Madness merchandise, we curated some of our favorites here. If you want to buy some Sweet 16 shirts for Gonzaga, Michigan, Florida State, Duke, or any of the other teams, we have you covered there, too.

2019 Sweet 16 Bracket to Print Out

Not only that, but all the #2 seeds and #3 seeds are still in the bracket, too. When’s the last time that happened? Without looking, it feels like it’s been a very very long time. The 2019 edition will definitely be a year that will be remembered as one without many upsets.

If you are looking for a Sweet 16 Bracket to print out, we have you covered. You can go here: print the sweet sixteen bracket we created for 2019 NCAA regional semi-finals and follow the action with a fresh, blank bracket to follow for the 2019 edition of March Madness. the 2019 NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament brackets have been released. We have updated the bracket for you in PDF, Excel, and image formats. Enjoy!

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