Print Now: 2019 NCAA Men’s D1 bracket for the March Madness tournament

ncaa mens d1 brackets for march madness

Now that all the picks and seeds have been sowed were broadcast to the world on Selection Sunday and the First Four to finish up today, the NCAA D1 Men’s tournament’s true round of play is set to kick off.  There’s no shortage of online coverage with cheat sheets and tips, predictions from advanced computer models, forum threads, and other commentary.

With all that in your brain, let’s not forget a few important pieces to March Madness and that’s the printable brackets you’ll need for whatever (or how many) pools you’re involved in, not to mention where to watch and how to stream the games you want to catch the most. Now’s the time since we’re a day away from the Round of 64 beginning.

NCAA Bracket Schedule for March Madness 2019

NCAA Tournament First and Second Round Schedule

With the First Four halfway completed, we won’t speak much to those play-in games. After this opening round, the real NCAA bracket games will commence Thursday, March 21, 2019.

March Madness First and Second Round 2019
Dates Year Round City State
March 21 & 23  2019 NCAA First & Second Rounds Hartford Connecticut
March 21 & 23  2019 NCAA First & Second Rounds Salt Lake City Utah
March 21 & 23  2019 NCAA First & Second Rounds Des Moines Iowa
March 21 & 23  2019 NCAA First & Second Rounds Jacksonville Florida
March 22 & 24 2019 NCAA First & Second Rounds Tulsa Oklahoma
March 22 & 24  2019 NCAA First & Second Rounds Columbus Ohio
March 22 & 24 2019 NCAA First & Second Rounds Columbia South Carolina
March 22 & 24  2019 NCAA First & Second Rounds San Jose California

That first round has 64 teams all dreaming of making the next round with 32 teams, the Sweet 16, Final Four or getting their One Shining Moment and raising the trophy after winning the championship game.

NCAA Sweet 16 and Elite 8 Schedule

After the field has been trimmed to sixteen undefeated teams, those remaining college programs will get on a plane or bus and travel to the next location where the Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight of the 2019 NCAA tournament will be held. There are four regions and 2019’s locations are: Anaheim, Kansas City, Louisville and in Washington, D.C.

Sweet 16 and Elite 8 for NCAA Tournament 2019
Dates Year Round Region City State
March 28 & 30 2019 Sweet 16 / Elite 8 South Regional Louisville Kentucky
March 28 & 30 2019 Sweet 16 / Elite 8 West Regional Anaheim California
March 29 & 31 2019 Sweet 16 / Elite 8 Midwest Regional Kansas City Missouri
March 29 & 31 2019 Sweet 16 / Elite 8 East Regional Washington D.C.

March Madness Final Four, Championship Bracket

The Final Four (and championship opponents) will move on to play in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Those three games will be shown on CBS and streamed on March Madness Live.

Final Four 2019 and Championship
Dates Year Round City State
April 6 2019 Final Four Minneapolis Minnesota
April 8 2019 Title Game Minneapolis Minnesota

Your Printable NCAA Brackets for 2019

Now it’s time to get down to business, and our business during this time of the year is providing the mass of college basketball fans and non-fans with free, printable NCAA brackets of all types and for every need. Here’s a couple examples of NCAA tournament brackets that should satisfy every want. The first is our blank printable bracket:

Here’s another couple fillable bracketsthat we created and designed for the NCAA tournament before the seeds and teams were determined. If you look it over, you’ll see you can download and print it out in PDF or Word document, or you can even print out the high-resolution image below:

Okay, those brackets were created and suited for those that are in love with their handwriting, but if you don’t have the time, want, or requirement to fill in all 68 teams by hand, then we also have some options for you. Which we think are the majority of NCAA bracket searchers. Below you’ll find two versions of the latest, most-updated versions of the March Madness bracket populated and typed out with the teams all seeded and matched up and lined up nicely.

2019 Updated bracket for NCAA Tournament

We’re aware that if you’ve gotten this far into this post. that you’re here to print out a bracket on this page.  Very likely, you’re a bit impatient and in a rush. If that’s true, we apologize for finding the following so difficult because all we want to do is make finding, viewing, downloading, printing and filling out tournament brackets as easy and simple as possible. But hey, you waited this long, so we should at least divide up the blame and responsibility?  So we’re only kinda sorta sorry that you procrastinated until after the First Four was already halfway done.

So without forcing you (whose forcing you) to read more words than you should have to read, we present you with a list of clickable links that will lead you directly to download PDF format versions of many of our NCAA March Madness brackets:

There, we hope you got all that you wished for. If you didn’t please let us know how we can serve your bracket needs better in the future. Alternatively, let’s talk about how you can improve. We hope that you’ve learned that waiting this late isn’t a good move, so next year, you’ll be one year older and with more experience. It’s best to get your NCAA brackets printed out and visit Interbasket earlier.

Personally, we start showing March Madness symptoms in early to mid-February by creating and designing blank brackets, TV schedules, and whatever resources that college basketball fans will be wanting and searching for. Now that we’ve all learned a little about ourselves, let’s get those pieces of compartmentalized pieces of paper out and follow this year’s hoops action.  See you next year!


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