How this year’s NBA trades made the Toronto Raptors and Milwaukee Bucks that much richer

While the NBA trade deadline has passed, the world of basketball is still in the midst of buzz. After all, we still barely know how the moved players are going to be performing for their new teams. We do know that Anthony Davis is still in New Orleans and the the rich got richer in the Eastern Conference with big additions to the Milwaukee Bucks and Toronto Raptors.

Here are some of our top trades which we think are going to go down well over the coming games.

Marc Gasol Goes North This is one of our favorite trades this season. The Toronto Raptors were able to pick up Marc Gasol. And  this came by “only” sacrificing Jonas Valanciunas, Delon Wright, CJ Miles and a 2024 second-round pick (going to be waiting a long time for that one!)

So, why else was this our favorite trade? It is because the Toronto Raptors, despite giving up three players are now a far better team as a result. While we don’t know what the results of the acquisition will be, we do think that they’re going to win a few more games with the experienced, playoff-tested Gasol anchoring the middle. And we think the Raps will see even more benefits in the postseason.

In fact, it is already causing quite a stir among the betting sites, and the odds are being adjusted as a result.

Mirotic heads to the Milwaukee Bucks The Bucks were able to pick up Nikola Mirotic from the New Orleans Pelicans. This was actually quite an interesting trade that involved three teams: Jason Smith, Stanley Johnson, and Denver’s 2019 second-round pick. The 2020 and 2021 second-round picks for Washington and Milwaukee’s 2020 second-round picks going to Denver. The Pistons were able to pick up Thon Maker in this move.

This was one of those ‘intense’ trades that you only really find in EA NBA Live 19 games. You don’t really get anything this convoluted in basketball, at least for only one player. In fact, we reckon that with all these players heading from one place to another during NBA trades, the eSports betting scene is going to start heating up soon. If you fancy getting in on the action, then you may want to set your sights on a Betway eSports betting review.

If the Gasol trade is our favorite, this is a close second. The Bucks showed how serious they were about not being content making the playoffs, but competing for a championship. Mirotic is a baller. He’s one of the top three point threats in the league, a surprising workhorse on the boards, a more than capable defender, and has a chip on his shoulder. The Bucks got Mirotic without giving up any one of their core players Giannis Antetokounmpo, Khris Middleton, Eric Bledsoe, Brook Lopez or Malcolm Brogdon.

We liked the Bucks’ odds before the trade and we love them even more after.

The Lakers Trade Beasley, Zubac for Muscala We are heading back to the simpler trades here, with the LA Clippers getting their hands-on Michael Beasley and Ivica Zubac while the Los Angeles Lakers were able to pick up Mike Muscala in this trade.

Before we wrote this article, we read through a lot of opinion pieces on who benefited from trades this year. While nearly every article seemed to swing the same way on most trades (i.e., one side almost always benefited more than the other), analysts were pretty undecided on who benefited the most from this trade. It is pretty even. Honestly, if we had our say, we reckon that the LA Clippers are coming out a little bit ahead. Actually, scratch that, the players are probably coming out a little ahead. They are all likely going to be getting wage boosts from the trade, and none of them are going to need to move out of their home for their extra money. The joys of having a couple of decent teams kicking about in LA, we guess?

Former #1 Pick Fultz Heads to Orlando Magic It looks like it wasn’t really panning out that well for Markelle Fultz at the Philadelphia 76ers. He was originally one of their number 1 picks, but it seems like with this trade they couldn’t wait to see the back of him. They did manage to get Jonathon Simmons and a couple of picks out of it, though. In fact, they managed to get a first round pick, which goes to show just how much Orlando Magic wanted to have Fultz playing for them.

Honestly, we don’t really see the Philadelphia 76ers missing out that much on the trade. Maybe they will in the short term, but their extra picks are going to help them out when drafting rolls around. Orlando Magic are almost certainly going to benefit from the addition of Fultz to their team. Amazing trade for them.

Memphis Grizzlies Pick Up Dorsey This is another trade that involve more than two teams. The Memphis Grizzlies were able to pick up Tyler Dorsey. The Atlanta Hawks got Shelvin Mack and Jabari Bird, and Boston Celtics got a protected second-round pick. We see this as a pretty even trade for all the teams involved.

Moose Monroe Heads to Brooklyn With the few trades that the Toronto Raptors made earlier, they needed to clean out the team somehow. This is why they send Greg Monroe and a second-round pick to Brooklyn Nets. What did Toronto Raptors get out of the deal? Just some freed up cash, which isn’t too bad. Brooklyn Nets got a good player and the opportunity to pick up a new one, and the Toronto Raptors saved some cash. We think that both of the teams are benefiting here. This was a good trade.


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