There’s only 5 NBA players to have 10,000 assists in NBA history

Of the main offensive statistical categories, the assist is the probably the most difficult to accumulate. What we mean is that when it comes to points, accumulating 20,000 points isn’t easy per se, but there’s 44 players that have accomplished that feat. If we’re toset the rebounding milestone at 10,000, there’s fewer players than those that have scored 20,000 points, but there’s still 40 NBA players that have gathered that many caroms in their NBA careers.

Again, it’s all relative, we’re not saying it’s easy to score 20,000 points or pulled down 10,000 rebounds in one’s career, but comparatively, the assist is the most difficult stat to reach that significant total. If we’re to set the assist bar at 10,000 assists then there’s only five players that have ever accomplished that. In no particular order there’s Magic Johnson and John Stockton, a couple former Phoenix Suns in Jason Kidd and Steve Nash, and Mark Jackson. Here’s the full list in order of total career assists:

NBA Players with 10,000 Career Assists
Rank Player Assists Seasons Games Career APG
1 John Stockton* 15,806 19 1504 10.4
2 Jason Kidd* 12,091 19 1391 8.7
3 Steve Nash* 10,335 18 1217 8.5
4 Mark Jackson 10,334 17 1296 8.0
5 Magic Johnson* 10,141 13 906 11.2

Stockton’s Unbreakable Record in Context

John Stockton passed for nearly 16,000 assists — an unbelievable record that speaks to both his skill and longevity. As Chris Paul said “Ain’t nobody catching that” referring to Stockton’s  record. You want to put money on that with , New Jersey sports betting, CP3? We wouldn’t take that bet.

Still as impressive and jaw-dropping as Stockton’s record is, his making it to the top of the list isn’t just about talent or how prolific a player is at passing for a bucket, but how long a player’s careers spanned is equally as an important factor.

Stockton played for an amazing 19 NBA seasons which is extremely rare for an NBA guard. He also holds many of the in-game records for the most assists in a game.

A player like Isiah Thomas whom barely misses the top five list played just 13 NBA seasons before an injury forced him to retire. And as we know, Magic’s career was cut short by his HIV diagnosis in the early 1990s and that limited him to essentially 12 NBA seasons (the last season he played 9 seasons and re-retired because of players’ concerns). What we know of Magic is that he would have played until he couldn’t anymore and he missed four NBA seasons of semi-prime playing career (1991-1995). Easily, Magic would have played another 5-6 NBA seasons and conservatively, would have added 2000 assist to his total. With that, he would have no doubt been at least #2 on this all-time list.

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