Divya Singh: Interview with Indian Basketball PG

Flag IndiaThe name sounds synonymous with Indian basketball, Divya Singh is the point guard and the team captain of the women’s National Team for India.

At her previous Asian Championship, Singh averaged a team high 15.2 ppg.

Interbasket’s Yudhistir had the pleasure to sit down and talk to her about her basketball career, game, India basketball, coaching with the University of Delaware in the USA, and the obvious differences in basketball training, equipement and technology betwen the two countries.

Yudhistir (Ibn): Thank you very much for taking the time to speak with us.
Divya: Its my pleasure, (with a grin) and it promotes basketball, isn’t it?

Ibn: You have been in USA for a year now to purse your Post Graduation, Can you tell us some thing about it?
Divya: Actually, its a scholarship based program. As the Basketball Federation of India (BFI) has tied up with the University of Delaware for providing Post Graduation program in Sports Management to its interested players.

Ibn: Whats the procedure of selection?
Divya: The person willing to enroll must have played at least a senior national championship and has to clear other examinations.

Ibn: Why did you choose to apply for the program, though you were a active player and had a good basketball year?
Divya: Well, I guess my career as a player was quite exciting and I wanted to play abroad. When I first heard about it, to me it was like a dream coming true. But later I was told that I couldnt play for the university, I decided not to go ahead.

After consulting few others, I decided to give it a try as this might help in developing the game in India and due to Gods grace I’m learning a lot over here.

Ibn: You are presently one of the coaches for the University of Delaware, did you have this thought of becoming a coach so early on your mind?
Divya: No, But some how or the other, circumstances forced me. When I played with team during the work out sessions, coaches were really very impressed with me (Smiles). They asked me to help them recruit some Indian tall player for university of Delaware.

Ibn: How do you see the standard there compared to your country?
Divya : I find the only difference in terms of their fitness and rigorous workouts. If not, I can assure if that kind of training were to be given to the Indian players, we would be far more competitive and athletic than we are.

Moreover they are equipped with all the new technologies and training equipments that I had never seen before.

Ibn: Now that your in India, what are your plans?
Divya : Right now I have started a camp for the kids and I’m concentrating on it, after that I would be joining the Indian team in its training for the Asian Championship.

Ibn: So where do you see yourself a decade down the lane?
Divya: I still got a bit of college left, so when I’m done with it, I would back in India and plan to join the Federation and assist it in its activities.

Ibn: We thank you very much for sharing your time and thoughts with us.
Divya:  Thank you…

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