NBA player Christmas ornaments are the perfect stocking stuffer for NBA fanatics

nba christmas ornament player figures

Have an NBA fanatic in your family and looking to do a little something different this year for your holiday? One way to pimp out your Christmas tree is to add your family member’s favorite NBA player and plug it into your tree.

NBA player ornamental figurines are thoughtful accouterments for the Christmas tree and quite affordable when compared to buying an authentic jersey. Take a look at what we’re able to find.

Steph Curry Christmas Ornaments

As we mentioned, some of the ornaments don’t resemble the players whatsoever. Case in point is Steph Curry having two official ornaments featuring him that make him look like a chubby Italian guy in full Curry gear at the local Y and the other looks like an insurance salesman from at Halloween. Even so, the Golden State Warriors fan in your family will deeply appreciate the recognition… and get a good laugh.

And here’s the “elf” version of Curry. That’s what the marketing says anyway. If you ask us, and you are by reading this, it looks more like Seth Curry 👀

Shop the Golden State Warriors player Stephen Curry (resin) Christmas ornament at Fanatics

LeBron James Cavs Christmas Ornament

LeBrob might be donning a Lakers jersey this season, but Cleveland still has a lot of love for the King. that was evident in his return to The Land earlier this week. So if you have a LeBron fan in your family, why not a LeBron James Christmas ornament to remind them to relive the first-ever NBA championship he brought to Cleveland?

And if you love LeBron James for all the great joy he brought to Ohio, but still kinda hate him for leaving for Miami and Los Angeles, you can celebrate him with the following, weird LeBron James gnome/troll holiday ornament. Perfect for that bittersweet fan.

It’s weird that the gnome version looks more like LeBron than the LeBron one. Shop the LeBron James (resin) Christmas gnome ornament at Fanatics

Kyrie Irving Boston Celtics Ornament

Now Kyrie might be the player ornament that looks most like him. We wholeheartedly recommend the dribbling-wizard for all the Boston Celtic fans. Check out Kyrie below:

Russell Westbrook Christmas Ornament

Mr. Triple-double and NBA MVP can now hang on your Christmas tree. Take a look at the Oklahoma City Thunder star’s Christmas ornament below.

Buy the Russell Westbrook holiday ornament at Fanatics.

Kevin Durant Christmas Ornament

Put up Kevin Durant on your Christmas tree this holiday like he puts up mid-range jumpshots. Facially, Durant is pretty spot-on, but he’s definitely too muscular when compared to his actual build.  In any case, if your brother, sister, mother or father love Durant and the Golden State Warriors, this is a great Christmas stocking stuffer.

Get the muscular Kevin Durant ornament from Fanatics.

Dirk Nowitzki Christmas Ornament

Like Durant, Nowitzki’s face isn’t bad whatsoever, but the ornament’s build is a lot more favorable than the 40-year old’s actual body. Ok fine, I’ll stop complaining about the minor details, it’s just a Christmas ornament.  Just buy it for your Dallas Maverick fanboy or fangirl.

Get the alternate universe muscular Dirk Nowitzki ornament from Fanatics.

New York Knicks Joakim Noah Ornament

Blake Griffin Clippers Ornament

Dwyane Wade Bulls/Heat Ornaments

Chicago Bulls Mascot “Benny” Ornament


Chicago Bulls Team Mascot Ornament

If the ornament figures didn’t have the player’s names on the jerseys, some of these player ornaments don’t really even look like the players they’re representing.

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