Get Your Bet On: The best online casinos in the UK for basketball betting

Every dribble, each shot, and every pass leading to a score is essential in a game of basketball. Tables turn within seconds and games often end at a different of one point. The sheer intensity of the game and the professionalism of the players makes basketball a much-loved sport around the globe that is followed by individuals of all ages.

For the bookmakers and punters, it is an excellent opportunity to invest and see their fortunes turn for the better along with the teams. While betting on basketball is done throughout the year on various championships, the NBA holds a special place as it is by far the premier trophy that every team aims at lifting.

With so much excitement in each game, it’s hardly surprising that folks have put their money where their mouth is and basketball has become one of the premier sports to bet on. Sports betting is already a universal phenomenon, and while the UK has had a longstanding tradition of betting on favourite teams across various sports, the US recently had a significant victory when regulation of sports betting was handed over to individual states. Changes like this have come about with proper guidelines that make betting on sports such as basketball perfectly safe for the better as well as keeps the performance of the players separate from any gambling activity.

If this slow legalization of sports betting in the States is anything to go by, it shouldn’t be long before all sorts of online gaming is legalized in the States. This isn’t just a win for those looking to play video slot games at online casinos but it should result in a spike in online casinos themselves, which, at their best, offer a particularly painless method to bet on NBA games.

Fortunately, online gaming has been legal in the UK for years now – and these online casinos are so popular that many even offer sports betting as one of their features. When it comes to choosing that perfect online casino, though, one must always look beyond the obvious factors of security and also focus on the bonuses that are being offered and then make a well-informed decision on who to go with finally.


A comparatively lesser known name that is slowly making its mark in the online casino field, Karamba is primarily known for its promotions and surprise gifts that can be picked up by old members as well. For the newcomers, there is a lot more on offer that is permanent, and when it comes to betting on teams like Huston Rockets or Toronto Raptors, both of which are listed at 12/1 to win the NBA championship, a comprehensive welcome package they give can go a long way to increase those earnings.


An iconic name in the UK betting industry, Ladbrokes offers a somewhat different betting experience as it offers both sports betting as well as a fully-featured casino for those looking for a bit of variety while waiting for the results from the latest baseball game to come in. They have always come on the top of online casino reviews and offer enough sorts of games that you don’t even need to stray too far from basketball, as their wide selection of video slot machines include a number of basketball-themed games. This isn’t to take away from the main event, of course, but there is something to be said for following a winning streak of real-time basketball betting with some quick and fun online casino games to keep that adrenaline pumping. And, really, isn’t that why we all get into basketball in the first place?

William Hill Casino

Another prominent name in the UK online sports betting industry, William Hill Casino has no-deposit offers for new UK customers and an incredibly efficient customer service department. Their promotions are always well received by existing members who appreciate the bonuses that add an extra bit of joy to every win.

The advancements in technology have dramatically influenced the change in sports betting. Most online casinos now have apps and offer multiple options for punters to play across various genres of gambling. However, basketball, and especially NBA has been at the forefront of the trend as they recently teamed up with MGM Resorts to form the first of its kind gaming partnership.

This not only showcases a level of confidence in sports betting but such collaborations will only lead to profits for everyone involved. The National Basketball Association, the various casinos that are now sure to join the bandwagon, and lastly the bettors who can add on to their profits via multiple deals, all are in for a feast at the end.

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