SEABA 2009: SouthEast Asia Basketball Championships

SEABA (SouthEast Asian Basketball Association)The 8th annual SEABA championships will be played this coming weekend (June 6-10, 200) in Medan, Indonesia.

SEABA, the SouthEast Asian Basketball Association,  is a sub-region of FIBA Asia that includes these ten Southeast Asian countries; Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar (Burma), The Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

Four of these ten national teams will compete for the gold medal in the 5-day tournament.

The tournament winner will automatically earn a berth into the 2009 FIBA Asia Championships being held in August 2009.

The Republic of the Philippines has dominated this tournament in its seven-year history, winning five of the possible seven gold medals including the last SEABA championship held in 2007.

It is very likely that the Philippines would be seeking their seventh consecutive title this year had it not been for a FIBA-mandated suspension in 2005.

The Philippines have brought home the first place trophy in 1998, 1999, 2001, 2003, and 2007, while the Malaysian National Team has won the gold the remaining two tournaments (1994, 2005).

SEABA is just one of five subzones in FIBA Asia Region – the other zones include East Asia, Gulf, Middle Asia, and West Asia.  SEABA has inspired the ASEAN basketball league, a proposed league solely made up of Southeast Asian teams set to commence late-2009.

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  • go PHLIPPINES!!!! MaBUHAY!!!

  • ITS surely a gold for the filipinos…

  • yes its a sure gold, if we dont naturalize CJ Giles ang make sure that Japeth plays and blends well with the team were only good for 5th or 6th place, my honest prediction with full respect to our team. Almost all countries are naturalizing people left and right.

  • plus the fact that they dont have enough international exposure, its years, not weeks.
    Honestly, I can already see that the philippines will eventually not qualify and will again point fingers. If BCAP shlould not interfere toroman being the HEAD COACH of our national team. He’s the medicine RP basketball needs and not this chito narvasa who keeps pulling us down.

  • come on BCAP and chito narvasa , you know nothing aboout high level international coaching. give RP basketball a break will you?

  • other countries are not putting much hype on forming national teams,but they do give good results. on the other hand our country throws too much hype in forming our national team, but the same , with poor results. lets stop the shit and give good results.

  • Kenny Evans

    Any open spots left for intersted players?

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