Sweet 16 Bracket: Printable PDF, Fillable, and Seeded for 2018 March Madness

The Sweet 16 round of the NCAA tournament is nearly here, and for 2018, this gives us all a chance to reset and start anew. That’s because the vast majority of brackets have been broken, busted, and barely hanging on a creaky hinge.

So let’s take this opportunity to forget about our past choices and re-purpose our selections from a week ago to start with from scratch with the remaining field. To help us forgive our past March Madness sins, we’ve taken this opportunity to erase all parts of the bracket before Thursday’s games start so we only have a Sweet Sixteen view.

That means no more looking at all the red ink, scratched out teams, erase marks, or redactions sullying up and constantly reminding us that yes, UMBC beat Virginia. Yes, Michigan State and North Carolina are already out. The #9 seed Florida State took out #1 seeded Xaiver, and #2 Cincinnati lost out on their chance to make their first Sweet 16 in over 20 years when Nevada took them out.

Remaining NCAA Teams in the Sweet Sixteen

What we do have is the following eight match-ups among the remaining sixteen teams that formulate our retooled Sweet 16 bracket:

  • #11 Loyola (Ill.) vs. #7 Nevada
  • #7 Texas A&M vs. #3 Michigan
  • #9 Kansas St. vs. #5 Kentucky
  • #9 Florida State vs. #4 Gonzaga
  • #5 Clemson vs. #1 Kansas
  • #5 W. Virginia vs. #1 Villanova
  • #11 Syracuse vs. #2 Duke
  • #3 Texas Tech vs. #2 Purdue

As mentioned two of the four #1 seeds have been upset and what remains are a lots of low seeds in the tournament still. So many, that this year’s regional semifinals might be the weirdest yet, at least according to Five Thirty Eight.

“…we compute(d) the squared difference between this year’s number of Sweet 16 teams at each seed and the historical average for every year since 1985, this is the most aberrant distribution of seeds in any modern tournament…”

Sweet 16 Bracket to Print Out

What are you staring at? Stop reading and forget about the past. Download and print out this Sweet 16 bracket so you (and we) can all move forward with our lives. We have it in both a high-resolution JPG below and you can also grab the PDF version of the bracket we created for 2018 NCAA regional semi-finals (you know a tournament has a lot of teams when you have a semifinals to get to the semifinals).

So you’re still reading huh? Is it because a seeded Sweet 16 bracket isn’t enough for you to start with a clean slate? Well you’re in luck then because just a few days ago, we published out a blank Sweet Sixteen bracket for the 2018 edition that you can utilize for the remaining balance of the Men’s D1 college basketball tournament. Not only do we have a version for March Madness, but that same article contains a completely-empty version — one you can create for any 16 team/individual tournament of your liking. Doesn’t even have to be sports. You can see a version of it below:

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