Printable ‘Elite 8’ bracket for the 2018 NCAA March Madness tournament (PDF)

Here’s a little fun fact: did you know that when the NCAA Men’s basketball tournament began in 1939 that the entire field included just eight teams? That’s right the original March Madness’ commenced right into the quarterfinals, what we refer as the “Elite Eight” now. Back in the 1940’s, the tournament boasted a grand total of seven games including the championship game.

The tournament has obviously changed since then. So has the bracket. March Madness is a dizzying onslaught of delirious college basketball action that brings together 68 teams in nationally televised games and streamed on phones and computers all over the world. In today’s March Madness, we watch more than seven games within the first several hours of the first round. And it takes four rounds of approximately 60 games before the Elite Eight is determined.

In honor of the the Elite 8, we designed our own Elite Eight bracket for the fans of the tournament from days gone by, as well as  the modern day college basketball fanatics.

Elite 8 Bracket Schedule 2018

Here’s a quick look at the Elite Eight schedule from the quarterfinals onto the finals set to be played in San Antonio. The Elite Eight quarterfinals (as well as the Sweet 16) will still be played in four different cities before converging in Texas for the Final Four and the championship game at the end of the month and beginning of April.

Elite Eight Schedule for 2018
Round Region Where Dates
Elite Eight West Los Angeles March 24
Elite Eight South Atlanta March 24
Elite Eight Midwest Omaha Neb. March 25
Elite Eight East Boston March 25
Final Four N/A San Antonio March 31
NCAA championship N/A San Antonio April 2

What is the Elite 8?

Elite Eight is a casual way of phrasing the Quarterfinals of the NCAA basketball tournament, but Elite Eight also depends on when the phrase was mentioned. Today’s modern definition means that you’re one of the final eight teams that have fought through three rounds of March Madness to emerge as one of the eight remaining teams. However, if you were to refer to “Elite Eight” in 1942, for example, another moniker for the Elite Eight was the “Exclusive Eight.” That’s because it meant you were one of the top basketball teams in the country, your team was one of only eight teams selected to play in the exclusive college basketball tournament.

Elite Eight Brackets: Printable in PDF, Blank

We’ve got your Elite 8 bracket cravings covered. We have the eight team bracket published in three different formats that are printer-friendly and convenient. Print your bracket in PDF, a Word doc, or you can save and print the full-size image in JPEG below.

Elite Eight Brackets for NCAA

Searching around for a quality Elite 8 bracket brought us to publishing and designing our own for free, internet consumption. When we decided to make an Elite 8 bracket, we wanted it to be free of any logos, text or images that designated it for a specific timeframe. We want our version to be timeless so that anyone could make use of it forever. I guess that will be my legacy.

In the process of all this, we also made an completely blank 8 team bracket with no March Madness logos or NCAA branding , so you can use that for your four game, single-elimination basketball (or whatever sport) tournament:

8 team tournament bracket

Here is the above eight-team bracket in PDF in case you wanted that (of course you do). The above bracket is good to keep track of the tournament, but also a great way to keep up with your wagers if you’re betting on basketball. I never thought about this, but a bracket is akin to a gambler’s checklist. The above bracket is also great for any sport, really: from team sports like football, hockey, rugby, soccer, cricket and baseball, to sports that are more individual-based like tennis, ping pong and golf.

If this 8 team bracket isn’t enough for you and you’re wanting the larger March Madness brackets from previous tourney rounds, we have those in abundance and we’re happy you asked! Since the beginning of the tournament, we’ve been publishing out brackets at every round, from the full, updated NCAA tournament brackets to completely blank printable brackets, to the Round of 32, to the Sweet Sixteen. For more options, you can scroll down to the “Articles you Might Be Interested in” below.

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