Print your NCAA college basketball bracket online for March Madness ’18

The NCAA Tournament is just about to start with nearly 70 teams participating in the annual college frenzy. The teams are set, dates and times are locked in, you’re either heading to the arena or watching the pre-games, so everything is ready to go. All that said, you’re not ready until you’ve filled out your March Madness bracket online or off. If not, you have a few hours before the first day commences, so keep reading.

Printer-Friendly College Basketball Bracket 2018

For the most part, everything can be done digitally online. Still, we wager that the vast majority of college basketball fans still enjoy wielding a pen and paper when it comes to filling out their brackets. Not only that, you can’t pin up a laptop screen to the wall of your cubicle or office. For those old-schoolers, you can download a PDF of the printable college basketball bracket here. It’s available before tonight’s Final Four games so you still have some time to fill it out.

Even if you’re not putting in any money or joining a challenge or fantasy tournament with your friends, there’s a lot of fun to be had, no matter how much effort you put into it, to seeing if your picks came true. Many find themselves watching the games with a bit more of an incentive.

printable march madness bracket

How Much Will You Win This Year’s NCAA Bracket?

Ever since Sunday, an indefinite amount of minutes have been looking over the bracket, mulling over potential upsets, and deciding whether you should be picking your favorite team to the Sweet 16 even though you know they probably won’t get out of round one. If your college team is facing either Villanova or Virginia in any of the rounds, odds are you might be out of luck. The majority of Sports Illustrated’s experts picked those two teams the most to make it to the Final Four.

However, if there was ever a time that you decided to get risky, this is March Madness after all and anything can happen. It’s your bracket and your $20 (or however much your office pool is charging per entry), so pick whatever teams you like, use whatever logic or rationalization. Does it really matter? Is $175 life-changing money? It might change your day or week, but the answer is no. If you win, you’re guarantee some leeway for bragging rights among your friends or co-workers, but don’t be a jerk and keep bringing it up until September.

Come Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018  — one day after the championship game is played — we’ll all still be alive no matter how terrible your picks were. A lucky fraction of us will be a couple hundred dollars richer from being right enough and maybe a Berkshire Hathaway employee that picks the perfect Sweet 16 bracket will get $1 million dollars a year for the rest of their lives. Otherwise, the vast majority of us will just shrug and wait to do it all over again next March.


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