The updated NCAA bracket after first round of March Madness (Update: 03/17/2018)

As March rolls on keeping up with the March Madness is, pardon the pun, a little crazy. Following the tournament requires a current and updated NCAA bracket so as everything is tracked. There’s a lot of updates to be had. For your convenience, we’ve added an easy to read timeline of when NCAA tournament brackets should be updated, as well as brackets for each round for when they’re updated.

Empty Bracket Previous April
Conference Tournaments February 27th-March 10th
Selection Sunday March 11th
Play-In Games March 13-14th
First Round March 15th
First Round March 16th
Second Round March 17th
Second Round March 18th
Midwest Regional March 23 & 25
West Regional March 22 & 24
South Regional March 22 & 24
East Regional March 23 & 25
Final Four March 31st
Final Four April 2nd

For the most part, updates follow along with the dates and NCAA tournament schedule. Right now, all we have are blank brackets with empty slots waiting to be filled and updated. The first update will come after Selection Sunday when the NCAA selection committee chooses the teams that will compete in the tournament. From there, the match ups are set and the tournament bracket is updated to keep current.

NCAA Bracket Update #1: Empty Brackets

From the previous April’s championship game, all teams and college basketball fans start out with a clean slate meaning that the tournament bracket is empty ready for the teams to play themselves into it; whether that’s through strong regular season play or through their division tournament. This is what the bracket looks like now:

Nothing yet, but, well… brackets on brackets. You know that, so if you’re looking for an empty bracket, printable in PDF, and/or blank bracket, we’re happy to oblige and provide you with all those options. It’s better to be prepared for when the true updates come through.

NCAA Bracket Update #2: Conference Tournament Winners

The second update to the tournament bracket comes when the first college team win the first conference tournaments. Though the top-ranked teams during the regular season are basically locks for March Madness, it’s all unofficial until they’re officially announced. That means the end of the conference tournaments is when the bracket starts coming into focus; that’s because the conference winners get an automatic bid to the “Big Dance.”

These critically-important conferene tournaments usually start out in late February, last three or four days, and are played out until the day before Selection Sunday (more on that in a minute). And though we don’t know where these champions end up in the bracket, basketball fans have a first glimpse of the first few teams, from the Atlantic Sun to the Western Athletic, that will ultimately compete in the field of 68. Somewhere.

NCAA Bracket Update #3: Selection Sunday

Even though this is technically the third update, Selection Sunday is the first true update to the tournament bracket because that’s when we can actually use pen to fill out the match ups on paper As you know, Selection Sunday is when the NCAA Selection Committee decides which teams will make the tournament including all Division Winners and the At-Large Bids. By the time 11:59 PM rolls around on that Sunday, we’ll know which 68 lucky teams have a chance to win the NCAA tournament and where they are seeded.

blank march madness bracket

NCAA Bracket Update #4: First Four

Just because 68 teams are chosen, it doesn’t mean that they’re all equal. Far from it. During the selection process comes the seeding process — all teams are given a ranking based on their overall performance from the season. There’s their overall record, their strength of schedule, how competitive their conference is among other considerations that will determine if they’re seeded #1 or #16.

The sixteenth seed used to be the lowest a team could be seeded, but the field was expanded to 68 teams from 65 teams in 2010. That means the prospective 16th seeds have to play themselves into the tournament. These eight teams duel it out in four game dubbed “The First Four” — once the winners have emerged, then your final field of 64 is set.

That covers the first several days and updates of the NCAA D1 College Basketball Tournament. Stay tuned and stay current. The Brackets are out! We have a complete 2018 March Madness bracket available for you to print out in both PDF and Excel formats so that you can better follow the game action. If you would still like to enjoy a blank printable bracket in PDF format, we have one for you here.

Bracket Update #5: NCAA Bracket after First Round (2018)

Well, that was a first round huh? Headlined by #16 UMBC’s defeat of #1 Virginia in the NCAA’s biggest upset in the history of the tournament, could you hear all those brackets busting in the distance? Or close by, e.g. the bracket sitting in front of you. In the face of the first 32 games in the book, here’s what the updated bracket looks like after the first round.

Current NCAA Bracket after First Round Games

In addition to the first #16 seeded team to take down a #1, there were pairs of double digit seeds that also surprised. Lucky #13 seeds Marshall and Buffalo defeated their 5th seeded opponents in their respective regions. While #11 seeds Loyola-Chicago and Syracuse took down sixth-seeded, highly-favored teams. It’s like looking at a battlefield, huh?

Bracket Update #5: Sweet Sixteen (2018)

After the second round, the Sweet Sixteen is set with the sixteen teams that won their first two games. There are eight match-ups that come during the Regional Semifinals. In preparation, we’ve published out a blank bracket for the Sweet 16.



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