Printable NCAA Tournament Brackets for 2018 (PDF, Excel versions)

NCAA 2018 Brackets

March Madness is here. As the week moves on, college basketball fans are increasingly going to start looking for printable NCAA Tournament brackets for 2018.

With a NCAA bracket PDF, they can start following the action early on and start making their best guess on who will be seeded where. Even though most sites have mobile-friendly options for your brackets, there are still an umber of fans who like to have their printable to put up on their desk, fridge, or simply reference.

Since it seems like almost every major sports Website out there has a bracket after Selection Sunday occurs, not everyone has equivalent quality when it comes to getting a blank bracket, or filling out your own. To better help you sort through all of the available options that are out there for brackets. If we have missed one of your favorite sites, please feel free to share with us all in either the comments section or on our forum. Let’s get ready for the Madness!

When Does the NCAA Release the final Brackets for the Tournament?

Similar to past years, the final NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament brackets will be released during the Selection Sunday broadcast on Sunday, March 11th, 2018. The broadcast will be shown live on TBS and live-streamed on and starts at 6PM Eastern Time.

Unlike past years we will probably see more movement as a result of the opening rounds of conference tournament play simply based on the parity we have seen throughout college basketball this season. For example, is three wins over highly-ranked Ohio State by Penn State enough to get PSU in? As soon as you thought Kentucky was back or had jelled, does losing by a lot to Florida make a difference in their seed? We will just have to wait and see!

Printable 2018 NCAA Tournament Brackets

The following is not a complete list of the blank NCAA Tournament brackets for 2018 that is out there. The sites that we have selected are some of the better ones out there that have been consistent with their delivery of NCAA Tournament brackets, news, and more. Some are online only, some other offer pdf versions. Brackets

ncaa brackets print has continued to improve their online products for basketball fans, and 2018 is no different. The NCAA always gives their sponsors some press time on their brackets and website, but a nice-to-have for those who like to print is that their bracket will fit on a single sheet of paper. There’s also nothing better than getting your March Madness information directly from the source either! For that reason, we always recommend fans check out the NCAA site.

CBS Sports Bracket

CBS Sports ncaa brackets

CBS Sports has been involved with the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament for like forever. This season is no different. Although TBS is airing Selection Sunday, you can’t beat a network to follow with the history of covering March Madness like CBS. If you want to see what the network has to offer, you should check out their brackets and such here. Once the official brackets are released, you’ll be able to use their bracket manager to follow the action and enter their contests. Good luck!

ESPN’s 2018 NCAA Tournament Bracket

ESPN 2018 ncaa brackets to print

ESPN has continued to be one of the big dogs when it comes to covering March Madness. 2018 is another year that the sports network will be delivering a printable NCAA Tournament bracket that is free in a variety of formats to include PDF< image, and online. The company will also have a Bracket Challenge for those who want to test their skills against others this season.

SB Nation’s NCAA Tournament Bracket

If you have been following college basketball for any length of time, then you know that SB Nation puts on a decent show each March Madness. They always have a good NCAA Tournament bracket to check out, and we expect the same for 2018. You can always count on SB Nation to have good coverage of the tournament action, and they have more info on the mid-majors than you will commonly find with other sports websites.

Printable 2018 NCAA Brackets in PDF, Excel and JPG

If you would like to get the printable NCAA Tournament brackets for 2018, you can get them from the official source at, CBS Sports, and we have one posted for you here as well. Are you getting excited for March Madness? I know I do every season around this time before the final brackets hit.

2018 NCAA Tournament Brackets

As with every March Madness tournament there are bound to be some awesome highlights and buzzer beaters from this edition that will be imprinted in our brains (not to mention the heart-stopping games right before the tournament).

Who will be the ultimate Cinderella this postseason? Can Radford continue their luck?  What about the unspectacular, but mature Michigan Wolverines who just won their second consecutive Big Ten Tournament? Do they have a chance? Who knows, maybe an under-rated Blue Blood like Kentucky breaks through similar to UConn from several years ago. What about Michigan State? As we know well, anything can happen… and has. Happy March Madness, everyone. The Brackets are out! We have a complete 2018 March Madness bracket available for you to print out in both PDF and Excel formats so that you can better follow the game action. If you would still like to enjoy a blank printable bracket in PDF format, we have one for you here.

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