NBA Trash Talk: Jeremy Lin trash-talked Kobe Bryant: “I’m not scared of you…”

In video feature from Maxim of NBA players talking about.. well, talking trash during all-star weekend. Sitting in the media room, Maxim went about asking some players about the art of trash talking and who some of the best trash talkers in the league were.

Some of the names that came up weren’t surprising at all: Draymond Green, Russell Westbrook, Joel Embiid, Michael Jordan and Kevin Garnett.

However, there’s a few names that we weren’t expecting to hear. One was Dirk Nowitzki talking trash to Tobias Harris after the 7-0 German blocked the former Piston forward’s shot. Said Tobias: “Dang, I didn’t know you talked trash Dirk!” Still, that wasn’t the biggest shocker in the revealing interviews. There’s a short clip during the featurette of Wayne Ellington recalling a time when Jeremy Lin and Kobe Bryant exchanging in-game pleasantries.

Seriously? Anyone familiar with the NBA and were betting on sports trash talkers would have lost money on these two being at the top of the list. have If you are at work or a place where you can’t watch the video, here’s a transcript of the hilarious conversation as told by Ellington:

Jeremy Lin (responding to Kobe’s trash talk): “Kobe, man, I’m not scared of you. I’m not scare of you. The only person I’m scared of is God”
Kobe Bryant (listing out): “Yeah, me, God… yeah.”

“Haha, we all just fell out laughing” Ellington said, finishing the story. Not sure if this happened when Lin lit up Kobe and Lakers during Linsanity, or when the two played together on the Los Angeles Lakers. Considering that Ellington, Bryant and Lin were all on the 2014-15 Lakers team, this probably happened during a Lakers practice.

The Art (and Unwritten Rules) of Trash Talking in the NBA

We all know that NBA players talk trash. Think about it, these players have been the best of the best since they first played, so it makes sense. First off, for the most-part, whatever their personality may be off thec court, they’ve been the alpha-dog on the court for many years, so they’re just challenging that status quo when they come across other great players. Many of them need to motivate themselves for 82 games and trash talking gets them amped up. And it’s not just on-the-court, but in today’s NBA, it’s off-the-court on social media: Twitter, Snapchat and Instagram. According to the players, on the court, off the court, on social media is all within the unwritten rules as long as the trash stays off players’ personal lives and away from family members.

However, it’s worth mentioning that there’s a small percentage of NBA players. Some of those players that said they don’t get into talking trash: James Harden, DeMar DeRozan and Eric Gordon. No surprise there, if you’ve watched them play, you hardly ever see them open their mouths during the game. Clearly not so much with the rest of the NBA.

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