Here’s that video of Joel Embiid dunking on Russell Westbrook you’re searching for

Usually the tables are turned; Russell Westbrook is normally the one hate-dunking all over on someone, but last night in a matchup between the Oklahoma City Thunder and Philadelphia 76ers, Joel Embiid hammered a dunk over the defending league MVP.

The grand slam started with Embiid up-faking Steven Adams at the three-point line, taking a couple power dribbles before gathering himself and taking off. That’s 7-2, 250lbs of athletic human being taking flight, my friends. Here’s the video evidence of the absolute-first degree murder.

It’s pretty damning video. Embiid is guilty, man. Eyewitnesses that have been subpoenaed for the case include Paul George, Ben Simmons, Justin Anderson, Carmelo Anthony, and Dario Saric. Seriously though, we need to add last night’s game to the beefy story line between Westbook and Embiid that’s making OKC-Philly games must-see TV.

Back to that dunk, tho. To make matters worse, Embiid makes sure to not just look over at Westbrook laying on the ground, but stares him down as he makes his way back down the floor. Westbrook’s team got the win so he can lean on that. Still, Embiid wasn’t just going to back down. Via Twitter, Embiid tweeted a photo of him murdering Westbrook, while acknowledging they didn’t win with a two-word caption of “Tough Loss”. Still we can’t help but noticed that he tagged the location as “Crime Scene Investigation”…

Tough loss #TheProcess

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Lol. Joel Embiid is hilarious man. I love that he talks a lot of trash and doesn’t take anything too seriously. The “Process” is best thing to happen to the league personality-wise since Nick Young.

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