We predict how Team LeBron and Team Curry came to be

Crap. How wrong were we in predicting how the NBA all-star draft was going to end up? Now that the actual teams are set and despite having made terrible predictions, that won’t stop us from guessing how the draft actually went. We love playing these guessing games even if our history tells us we should probably stop.

The first two picks were revealed which wouldn’t have been difficult to figure out anyways, in any case, here’s how we think the NBA All-Star Draft went after Kevin Durant and Giannis Antetokounmpo went 1-2.

Predicting the NBA All-Star Starters Draft

Captain: LeBron James
Captain: Stephen Curry

1. Kevin Durant (LeBron)
2. Giannis Antetokounmpo (Curry)
3. Anthony Davis (LeBron)
4. James Harden (Curry)
5. Kyrie Irving (LeBron)
6. Joel Embiid (Curry)
7. Demarcus Cousins (LeBron)
8. DeMar DeRozan (Curry)

Where we went wrong was initially was thinking that Curry could choose Davis over The Greek Freak then picking Kyrie over Harden as a competitive, psychological play.

Predicting the NBA All-Star Reserves Draft

Curry had the first pick of the reserves and since Since Curry’s team has both his remaining Warrior teammates Draymond Green and Klay Thompson, we believe that Curry decided to choose them first. In the second round,  Draymond went #1 and Klay as his second pick.

9. Draymond Green (Curry)
10. Russell Westbrook (LeBron)
11. Klay Thompson (Curry)
12. Kristaps Porzingis (LeBron)

If Durant was the no-brainer first pick of the starters, Westbrook was the standout int he second round, so we assume LeBron went with Westbrook, then Porzingis after Curry went Oakland with his #1 and #2 reserve selections.

Now that LeBron had himself and three unicorns, Durant, Anthony Davis and Porzingis, in his top seven. Curry then had to respond by going big with Karl Anthony At this point of the draft, we think LeBron decided to remove any unnecessary drama and made a loyalty pick by taking his Cavs teammate Kevin Love.

13. Karl Anthony Towns (Curry)
14. Kevin Love (LeBron)

We think Curry then went with backcourt killers in Lillard and Butler while LeBron went with Wall and Aldridge.

As LeBron’s team got even bigger inside with Love and LaMarcus in his last three picks, we think Curry again had to respond with size by taking the last big man, Al Horford, on the board.

15. Damian Lillard (Curry)
16. John Wall (LeBron)
17. Jimmy Butler (Curry)
18. LaMarcus Aldridge (LeBron)
19. Al Horford (Curry)

Now we’re down to the last three picks. We think LeBron took the dynamic Oladipo with his second to last choice. What we’re pretty confident of is that Kyle Lowry was Curry’s last pick. What we think is weird was Curry’s decision to take Lowry over either Beal and Oladipo. No offense to Lowry, but Beal and Oladipo would have added much more to Curry’s squad.

20. Victor Oladipo (LeBron)
21. Kyle Lowry (Curry)
22. Bradley Beal (LeBron)

In any case, there’s no shame in being the last pick of the best two dozen NBA players in the league and we know that Curry’s team is relishing being the underdogs. We’re excited to see how they respond to the seemingly more intimidating players on LeBron’s side.

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