Everything you need to know about that ‘Connect Four-Basketball’ mash-up game

Just when you think you’ve seen everything there was to see in the world of basketball, but now there’s something totally new out there that’ll break your brain and get you excited. A new hybrid game has emerged that mashes up basketball and the popular board game, Connect Four. Basically, you shoot at hoops into a basket and when you make it, the ball goes into a life size version of the Connect Four board game. The game sounds awesome, right? It is. It’s even better and exciting when you watch the video of how it works.


The Rules of the Basketball-Connect 4 Game

If you’re a person of a certain age, you’ll remember playing Connect Four as a child. This game gave two players the chance to face off against one another, with a game grid to battle on. The winner was the one that managed to line up four of their own colored blocks, while the other player tries to block them.

So what does this have to do with basketball? Well, someone has created a version of the game that adds a new element. The game grid is now six feet tall and it’s up to players to shoot their colored balls into the basket that sit above each of the columns. They have to think fast and act even faster to win in this game.

Players can either be civilized and take turns shooting, or go all out and pretend they’re shooting basketball hoops in the arcade. Either way, we think this might just be one of the most inventive ways to play basketball that we’ve ever seen. If you’re looking to up your game then this could offer you the perfect chance to practice.

This game relies on brains, brawn and speed, so it makes for a great challenge. If you think you’ve got what it takes to be a winner then you can always make a homemade version of the grid and challenge your friends. It’s the ideal summer game for a BBQ or any kind of party — kids will love it too.


Other Basketball Variants

While this is one of the most fun ways to play two games at once, it’s not the only one. There was also a huge splash when basketball met bingo and created one loopy game too. Basketball is a really popular sport all over the world (and getting more popular), so it’s not too surprising to see people putting their own twist on the game. These can be used to make the game more fun or to add a cool influence to another game. While we’d most likely prefer to watch the official rules in most cases, these could always make for an interesting prospect too. Would you play this game? Let us know in the forums, we want to hear your thoughts.

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