Gallery: Look at the new Nike jerseys for the 2017-18 NBA season (and jersey sponsors)

If you’ve been paying attention to the NBA during the summer, you aware that Adidas lost out to Nike on being the official outfitter for the NBA. Throughout the last month or so, the company out of Oregon has teased new jerseys for all 30 NBA teams. As we previously reported, there will be new “association” and “icon” jerseys replacing the home/away vernacular with no fewer than two alternates for each too team. That means your favorite NBA franchise will have no fewer than four jerseys for the 2017-18 season.


The NBA and Nike recently released a video on Facebook featuring the majority of the new rookie class showing off some of those new NBA uniforms. The video role call has over 30 rookies including the NBA draft’s top picks in Markelle Fultz, Lonzo Ball, D’Aaron Fox, Josh Jackson, and Jayson Tatum.

Also included were Summer League standouts in Dennis Smith Jr., Kyle Kuzma and Donovan Mitchell, as well as Malik Monk, Semi Ojeleye, Caleb Swanigan, TJ Leaf, and Ante Zizic. You get the point. We took the opportunity to screen cap the video to give so you all can get closer looks at the new cleaner-look, modern takes on NBA jerseys by Nike.

NBA Rookies Show Off New Nike-Sponsored Jersey Uniforms


The video didn’t have the new jerseys for the Chicago Bulls, Minnesota Timberwolves, Cleveland Cavs, Houston Rockets, and Washington Wizards. The video’s snapshot of the Miami Heat’s new uniforms wasn’t great for a screen capping.


List of NBA Team Sponsorships for 2017-18 Season

On top of all the new changes from Nike, many of the NBA teams will have co-sponsors featured on the jerseys. All uniforms will feature the Nike “swoosh” symbol on the players right chest, and if the NBA team has a co-sponsor, a patch featuring the sponsor’s logo will be on the left side of the uniform.

Taking a look at the video and some light internet research, there’s 11 teams that have additional local sponsors in addition to Nike’s broader sponsorship. If an NBA team hasn’t yet attained a sponsor (or not interested?), the left chest where the patch would be will be empty. Here’s a short lit of those co-sponsors in alphabetical order:

Official NBA Jersey Sponsors for 2017-18 Season
Team Sponsor
Atlanta Hawks N/A
Boston Celtics General Electric (GE)
Brooklyn Nets Infor
Charlotte Bobcats N/A
Chicago Bulls N/A
Cleveland Cavaliers Goodyear
Dallas Mavericks N/A
Denver Nuggets Western Union
Detroit Pistons Flagstar Bank
Golden State Warriors N/A
Houston Rockets N/A
Indiana Pacers N/A
Los Angeles Clippers N/A
Los Angeles Lakers N/A
Memphis Grizzlies N/A
Miami Heat N/A
Milwaukee Bucks Harley Davidson
Minnesota Timberwolves FitBit
New Orleans Hornets N/A
New York Knicks N/A
Oklahoma City Thunder N/A
Orlando Magic Disney
Philadelphia Sixers StubHub
Phoenix Suns N/A
Portland Trail Blazers N/A
Sacramento Kings Blue Diamond
San Antonio Spurs N/A
Toronto Raptors Sun Life
Utah Jazz 5 For The Fight
Washington Wizards N/A

How much are the sponsorships? There isn’t much official info readily available. To get a sense of what it *may* cost, one of the reports is that Sun Life will pay the Toronto Raptors approximately $5 million per season for the patch privilege.

Personally, I like the new look. They feel much sleeker, modern and feel as they came from one company vision (which is the point) without taking too much away from the personality from each team. We have to remember that this isn’t a rebranding or a complete rehaul, just tweaks to the current logos, fonts and colors. What do you think of the new Nike jerseys — are you impressed or underwhelmed? Let us know in the comments below or on our Facebook post.


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