What to expect for the NBA 2017-18 season (psst.. it’s Golden State vs. Cleveland)

Golden State Warriors fans were giddy with the way the 2016-17 NBA season went, as their team took home their second NBA crown in three seasons. It wasn’t totally unexpected that the Dubs brought home the championship the Bay Area. And the way things are shaping up, the two-time NBA champs will be heavy favorites for 2017-18.


Many basketball pundits are tipping the Warriors to win the NBA title again  as they’re bringing back all their core players–  quickly and efficiently during the off-season to ensure they are ready to defend their title. Re-upping their two superstars Steph Curry and Kevin Durant. Among other key re-signings to their roster were bringing back veterans David West, Shaun Livingston and Andre Iguodala.

What’s 2017-18 Going to Look Like?

The new season officially begins in October, that means we’re fewer than three months away from the tip-off.  The NBA draft has kept all sides busy as they try to bring in the players that will make a difference to their chances.  One side that will be eager to do so is the Cleveland Cavaliers, who lost out in the most recent NBA Finals. And up until a week ago, it seemed like a forgone conclusion that LeBron James and Cleveland would meet up with the Warriors again — for a record fourth straight championship series.

With each superstar transition to the Western Conference made it all the more likely that LeBron would see his eighth consecutive NBA Finals appearance.

Chaos in Cleveland

Unfortunately for “The Land”, unlike Golden State, things have not really been going according to plan.  David Griffin, the General Manager being let go, Chauncey Billups turning down the offer to be his replacement, the move to sign Paul George falling through at the last minute, and now the shocking news that Kyrie Irving wants to leave.

Obviously, Irving has been a crucial part of Cleveland’s success in recent seasons, including the biggest shot in the franchise’s history.  Many feel that this is due to his being frustrated at being overshadowed by LeBron and his wanting to be the “face of a franchise”. If Kyrie leaves, there is no question that the loss of one half of their partnership would be a huge blow to Cleveland’s chances.


Of course we will have to wait until October to see how it all pans out, but if you like betting on basketball and can’t wait for the season to get going, a themed casino slot such as Slam Dunk will make for the perfect stop-gap solution. Slot games are a perfect way to kill time before the new season as they are a brilliant substitute for the excitement that is regularly on show mid-season.

The most exciting seasons are definitely those that see an outsider come out on top, in this case it would be the Boston Celtics, they are a side with real ambitions of improving on their playoff defeat of last season. Count Boston as one of the teams angling Irving as a possible signing. Taking him from Cleveland would be a coup, but the star signing of Gordon Hayward has already shown that they mean business this season. Let’s see how it all goes.


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