Yes, there’s a 7’7, 16-year old basketball playing at an Ohio high school

We all had that friend in high school that was awkwardly tall.

Most of these tall high school kids we’re 6-4, 6-5, maybe 6-7. And they were probably forced into playing basketball at some point. It was painfully obvious that their bodies were still developing; they were skinny and all arms and legs with very little coordination. Now can you imagine being 16 years old and have already sprouted up to 7 feet and 7 inches tall?


Meet Robert Bobroczky, the 7’7 high schooler playing for Grand River Academy, an all-boys boarding school. Bobroczky’s height reached seven feet when he was just twelve years old. So, how did he get so tall? Well, it’s all in the genes; his parents are immigrants from Romania and both played for the Romanian National Basketball Team. Robert’s father, Zsiga, is 7’1 and his mother is certainly tall for a woman, at a healthy six feet in height.

According to Fox 59, Robert has moved around to not only make him a stronger player, but play at a school that also focuses on academics:

Robert left Romania to play basketball in Italy for two years when he was just 14, but his parents wanted to put him into a rigorous academic program where he could also train. Grand River Academy was just what his parents were looking for.

The Freshman Bobrozky made his U.S. high school basketball debut on the Varsity team back in January 2017 in Austinburg, Ohio.

His team lost to First Love Christian Academy (Washington, Pennsylvania) and Bobrozky played very little a loss. From the video, he looks like he has a very soft touch already and is an above average passer. His coach at SPIRE had this to say about Bobroczky’s skillset:

“Robert has a great mid-range shot for his size and can also step out and hit 3-pointers,” Bossman said. “He has great hands, passing ability and a soft touch around the rim. He has the body, intelligence and skill set to be a pro one day. He’s not even close to reaching his potential. But the thing that separates Robert from others is his strong work ethic. The kid just wants it.”

Still, he definitely has some work to do. All things considered though, he’s faring quite well for a kid that just became eligible to drive and not even 200lbs (Bobroczky weigh 190lbs according to The Big Lead).

Here’s some footage of the 7’5 (2.29 m), 15-year old Bobrozky playing for the under-16 Stella Azzurra Roma in Italy:

Robert knows that coordination, stamina and putting on weight (he’s on a 5,000 calories a day diet) are his main goals. “The main thing I’m working on is trying to get bigger, better,” Bobrozky said. Once he gets bigger and grows a little more into his body, things will come a lot easier.

If his dreams of playing in the NBA come true, he’d be one of three NBA players that hold the record as the tallest NBA players. The other two players? The first was Manute Bol from Sudan. The other player actually played with Robert’s father on the Romanian Nationl Team: Gheorghe Muresan.

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