Here’s 3 of the most interesting basketball betting stories we’ve ever heard

Casino chips basketball court

Basketball is all about points, adrenaline and straight up balling. On the court, mostly, but if you place your bets right, you can be ballin off-court as well. When it comes to sports, it is one of the fastest, most exciting, nail-biting and intense games on the planet and has amassed millions and millions of fans worldwide.

Basketball is also one of the most gambled on sports in the world as well with over 50% of viewers, trying their luck at placing a wager as well. And why not? If you can add another dimension of fun to your spectating experience, then go for it. But for the other 50% or so, those that don’t place wagers, there are slightly more low-key ways of betting.

Slot machines have been swept up with the digital age, been given a cool new makeover, and are now available online, on your mobile or tablet, and on your desktop computer.The best online slot machines offer players a winning combination of free bets, deposit matches, bonuses, bitcoin betting, and super exciting games with great graphics, and soundtracks to boot. These online slots are so convenient you can even log in and play in-between matches or during the break! When we talk about betting, there are some serious high rollers that have made some big time bets on the game. Here are a selection of our favorites!

An NBA Streak Like No Other A Western Australian man once predicted the schedule of 13 games of NBA results, not just once, but twice! Over two separate weekends, he got every single game on the scorecard right and managed to pocket $216,000 AUS with just a $5 AUS bet! Now that is a hell of an investment! The following weekend he put another $5 on and won an amazing $320,000! They say lightning only strikes once, but the chances of this happening once, let alone twice are astronomical.

Betting the Farm Back in 2000 Haralabos Voulgaris, a Greek-Canadian gentleman, put his entire net worth on the Los Angeles Lakers winning the NBA championships that year. Considering their poor performance the team had the previous year, everyone thought that the daring 25 year old was quite mental putting down a bet of $70,000. However little unbeknownst to anyone else, he had an almost forensic obsession with the game and felt he could accurately predict their performance. He managed to win an impressive half a million dollars when the Lakers sailed to 2000 NBA Championship.

“The Money” In 2013, boxing world champion (and racist jerk) Floyd Mayweather decided to put a helluva bet even for a millionaire. He placed a whopping $5.9 million USD on Miami Heat to win against the Indiana Pacers. Luckily for him, LeBron James and Dwyane Wade followed-through and he then picked up an amazing $6.5 million in profit, over his original bet. No individual bookie would take the entirety of bet so he spread it across several different providers so that they could all afford to payout.

Whether you get your kicks from just watching basketball or amping up the gameplay with some gamplay; spinning online slots, or placing wagers then the internet sure brings you a lot of great opportunities to do all three, and even at the same time should you wish!

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