What do NBA players do after the game and during the off-season?

How do basketball players and athletes relieve stress after the game? Stress can have a negative mental and physical impact during a basketball player’s season. To relieve the stress after a particularly intense and stressful game –especially after a loss — is important because the accumulation of stress can lead to easy fatigue in following games.

It’s only natural that athletes spend some time to relax and recover. Here’s a few things that NBA players do to keep them busy on their off-time whether to relax after a game or during the off-season

Go on vacation The team at NBA on TNT have a running joke when a NBA team is eliminated that that those teams and their players go fishing or to Cancun. It may get laughs, but it’s not far from the truth. For players on non-playoff teams, the off-season can be as long as nearly six months — so what better way to decompress from 82 games than by going to the Amalfi Coast or the Bahamas during the off-season?

With their disposable income and nowhere to be, not only do NBA players enjoy buying cars, but they also love using the money they’ve earned during the season to go on holiday with friends and family.

See a live show Concerts, comedy shows and other live events are one of the many ways an athlete can relax and be entertained. It is proven that laughter plays a major role in the relaxation of the body and mind. Basketball players can attend concerts after an intense game to cool off; an example is Shaquille O’Neal attending Kevin Hart’s comedy show as he was shown to have laughed all day long.

Play video games A lot of people now partake in online gaming as it is a fun and easy way to relieve stress. There are different games to choose from. Examples include NBA Games where the basketball players can play with their teams or other game genres where they stand a chance to win cash prizes and enjoy bonus offers like Mecca Bingo Free slots: Spend £10, play with £50 Welcome Bonus! Many NBA players play games — especially basketball-related games like NBA2K and NBA Live where players like Kevin Durant, Anthony Davis, Gordon Hayward, Andre Iguodala, Rajon Rondo and Jeremy Lin enjoy hours of off-court game play and hoop simulation.

Massage therapy Massages and acupuncture aren’t just for women. Body therapy is known to work magic when it comes to relieving stress for athletes. A masseuse helps to relax the muscles and relieve tissue tension increasing the blood flow. Massage (and physcial) therapy is also a useful method for players looking to recover from injuries as this can help the player to recover from the accumulated stress.

Going to the movies This is one of the most common ways of fun nowadays and not just for athletes. Players can have bonding time with their family, friends or teammate post game and relieve stress at the same time by going to the movies to have fun. An example is Lebron James; he likes to create time to for movie nights with his wife and children.

Untethering Getting out and unplugging from one’s phones and laptop is another method that can be very useful after a stressful day on the court. You can invite a couple of family and friends to the woods or at the backyard. All you need is a tent, a mat and some snacks to cap it off. The company of family and friends at a friendly environment can help to turn a bad day around.

After a stressful game or series, it is only natural that players engage in certain hobbies to try and relieve the day’s pressure.  There could be a difference in interest as some would like to stay at home and play online games while others would prefer to go out to the movies. The options stated above could go a long way in relieving stress after their day to day activities.

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