Damian Lillard sets Blazer team record for points, beats Roy, Drexler, Walton and Stoudamire

Last night Damian Lillard poured in a Portland Trailblazers’ franchise record 59 points in one single game in a win over the Utah Jazz. Lillard’s previous high was 51 points.


Considering the big names that have come through the Portland franchise, it’s a huge feat; Lillard outscored legends by a significant amount; including Clyde Drexler (50), Maurice Lucas (47) and Bill Walton (36) as well as Brandon Roy (52) and LaMarcus Aldridge (44). Here’s a list of notable Blazers and their career-highs for the franchise:

Portland Trailblazers Franchise Leaders in Points (Single Game)
Player Points Team
Damian Lillard 59 Portland Trailblazers
Damon Stoudamire 54 Portland Trailblazers
Brandon Roy 52 Portland Trailblazers
Andre Miller 52 Portland Trailblazers
Geoff Petrie 51 Portland Trailblazers
Clyde Drexler 50 Portland Trailblazers
Darius Miles 47 Portland Trailblazers
Maurice Lucas 47 Portland Trailblazers
LaMarcus Aldridge 44 Portland Trailblazers
C.J. McCollum 43 Portland Trailblazers
Rasheed Wallace 42 Portland Trailblazers
Terry Porter 40 Portland Trailblazers
Mychal Thompson 38 Portland Trailblazers
Bill Walton 36 Portland Trailblazers
Arvydas Sabonis 33 Portland Trailblazers

The win over the Jazz comes at a crucial time too as the Blazers are jockeying with the Denver Nuggets for the last playoff spot (and the pleasure of playing the Warriors in the first found). Lillard scored three more points than Damon “Mighty Mouse” Stoudamire’s 54 points back in the 2004-05 season and seven more points than Roy and Andre Miller’s 52 points (!)

Lillard Does Lillard

No matter if Lillard is snubbed for another all-star game, left off the U.S. Olympic Team, or any of the long list of being overlooked and disrespected, Lillard is a professional. He just keeps doing his thing on and off the court. He keeps showing up those that underestimate him. Over time, the critics have no choice but to look him directly in the eye.

For more on Lillard’s night and former scoring explosions from Blazers, check out this great Blazer’s Edge article.

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