Printable NCAA March Madness Brackets for 2017

printable bracketWhen were the NCAA March Madness Brackets Finalized?

If you happened to miss it this past Sunday, the 2017 NCAA Selection Sunday broadcast was held where all of the brackets, seeds, and matchups were announced. This was also the first year that the NCAA let the overall #1 seed (Villanova) choose when region they wanted to play in. Unsurprisingly, Villanova chose the region that minimizes travel from home.

Of note, is that if North Carolina had earned the #1 seed, they would have selected a region further from home with Memphis (which they ended up getting assigned to anyway).

Printable NCAA March Madness Brackets for 2017

Our listing of NCAA March Madness Brackets for the 2017 edition of the men’s basketball tournament is not all inclusive. Instead, we have tried to pick major sites that not only have quality brackets, but also have other great March Madness news for fans to enjoy.

SB Nation’s NCAA Tournament Bracket

SB Nation 2017

SB Nation is always known for making an easy-to-use March Madness bracket in printable format for you to use at no charge. The site features some great NCAA Tournament news on their hub, and is a great resource to put in one’s “scan” list when following the action this tournament season.

CBS Sports March Madness Bracket

CBS Sports 2017

CBS Sports has long been one of the best sites to use to follow the action when it comes to March Madness. CBS is one of the major networks that has television broadcast rights for the tournament, and fans love to either hate on or listen to their announcers for the games assigned to the network for coverage during the tournament. You can check out the CBS Sports March Madness coverage here.

ESPN’s March Madness Bracket

ESPN 2017
ESPN has long been one of the best sites to go to when you need to get a quality, printable March Madness bracket in a variety of formats. The sports network has the bracket available in image, PDF, and on-screen formats available for fans to use for free as well as one of the most popular bracket challenges out there. Bracket


One of the top places to go each season to check out the March Madness schedule and bracket is the weebsite.
Throughout the tournament the NCAA updates the bracket to reflect the latest scores, results, and upcoming matchups.

Printable 2017 March Madness Brackets in PDF and JPG Formats

Print out the PDF brackets provided by the official sources who help run the tournament scheduling: and CBS Sports. Printable brackets usually print out in one sheet of paper, and in some cases two pages if you are not viewing them on a mobile device. You can find them here:

Of all the years that we have had March Madness, 2017 looks to be one of the most exciting tournaments in years. The difference between the #1 seeds and lower seeded teams has never been closer (yes we know that Gonzaga has only lost one game entering the tournament). Who knows, maybe this will be the year that we finally see a #16 seed beat a #1 seed. Let’s get ready for the games to begin.

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