What did Andre Roberson and Kevin Durant say to each other?

There was the expected drama from last night’s Oklahoma City Thunder – Golden State Warriors circus, but there was nothing more surprising than Kevin Durant and Andre Roberson going face to face after a hard foul.

On the play, Durant was steaming across half-court with his long strides with Roberson tracking him close to his body a quarter step behind. As Durant took a couple more hard dribbles and begin his long strides to the basket, he leaned into Roberson as Roberson leaned into him. The impact combined with the momentum of the play threw Durantula into the basket support — his lanky arms and spiderly legs all over the support.

When he got up slapped hands with a teammate and as we walked by Roberson, Durant said something to Roberson. From the video, it looks like Durant took exception to the foul. The usually-reserved Roberson fired back and Durant took another exception, turned around and faced him. That’s when the two butted heads. The two were separated only to find another again. Watch the video:

So what did Durant say to Roberson and what did Roberson say to Durant? It’s difficult to decipher what was said. Usually we’re able to do some lip-reading or we can actually hear bits and pieces of the words used, but I’m completely lost on this one.

Speaking to the press after the game, Durant said that Roberson’s foul and trash talking was “all in the game” and that none of the animosity of the game was going “to seep off the floor.”

“It’s apart of the game and I respect that.” said Durant. “Hard fouls. Shit talking. All that is a apart of the game. That’s what makes the game fun for us”

Sounds like it was some good old-fashioned shit talking. I’m sure Durant initially told Roberson that he couldn’t stop him, to which Roberson responded.

All in all. The basket counted on the play and Durant converted the play with a free throw. Both players received technical fouls and somehow Andre Iguodola came out with a technical foul too. Golden State ended winning the game 130-114.

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