What you need to know about Robin Schreiber; “Warriors Dance Mom”

In her Golden State Warriors Christmas sweater, Robin Schreiber has become an internet sensation and local celebrity with her funky and confident yet awkward dance moves during Warriors home games.

The mother and former middle-school teacher (she taught for over 30 years) rocks Oracle Arena nearly as much as Stephen Curry or Klay Thompson bomb from downtown. Shreiber think it’s a close call, too: “When (Steph Curry) makes a 3-pointer, the crowd cheers, but I think I’m giving him a run for his money.” Schreiber quipped.

According to NBC Bay Area, the “dancing Warriors mom” and her flapping arms, hip-swiveling, fist-pumping remix of dance moves have been featured on Oracle’s Jumbotron more than 25 times over the last two seasons.

She’s become a feel-good internet sensation in a year that needed it most. When she first showed up on the scene in November, everyone was asking” Who’s mom is this?” in a question that was equal parts embarrassed and proud.

First the dance cam and Jumbotron then a bunch of tweets, videos, and GIFs, and now Schreiber’s taken her dance moves to a recent Warriors halftime show, her popularity isn’t just about the dance moves (though that’s a huge part). Don’t discount the fact that she looks like a conservative schoolteacher that just happens to love professional basketball and showing out; she with her nerdy tortoise-shell glasses, midwestern haircut and form-fitting Warriors ugly holiday sweater.

You be the judge, is it the moves or is it her style?

More about Robin Schreiber: The Warriors Dancing Mom

Robin Schreiber is married to her husband John and has one son, J.P. Schreiber.

J.P. doesn’t seem at the very least surprised or embarrassed by his mom. In fact, he’s sounds like he’s used to her crazy moves: “I think she’s always had it in her personality to do this,” he said. “She’s had a tendency to break it down in the past.”

As mentioned Schreiber used to be a teacher, she’s now retired living in Redwood City after spending 35 years teaching in the Hillsborough school district. No longer working, Schreiber spends her time as a freelance artist. Her paintings and drawings can found hanging up all over their house in the South Bay.

Not a Casual Fan

Don’t mistake Schreiber for not being a real Golden State fan. She’s originally from Belmont, California, so she’s not jumping on the Warriors bandwagon or a recent transplant to the Bay Area; Schreiber has been a Warriors season ticket holder for 28 years, so she wasn’t just grooving to Curry, Thompson and Kevin Durant, she was moving and shaking since 1988.

That means she’s been with the team way back when Tim Hardaway, Mitch Richmond, Chris Mullin were “Run TMC” back in the early 1990s — probably doing the “Macarena“.

She was grooving with Latrell Sprewell and P.J. Carlisemo in the late 1990s. She was shaking with the Warriors squad that included Baron Davis, Jason Richardson and Stephen Jackson in the mid-aughts.

Fittingly enough her favorite quote, according to her Facebook page is: “Dance like nobody’s watching!”

The infamous Warriors sweater? It was originally a gift for her son, but because her husband mistakenly purchased a woman’s sweater, Robin seized the opportunity.

But it wasn’t just the sweater; the other factor was the political climate at the time. Following the disappointing results of the General Election, Schreiber was feeling down so she wanted to do “more” the next home game.

“It was a tough election and people were feeling like they needed to somebody to make them cheer up a little bit. That’s why I did it.” said Schreiber “I’m a native of Oakland and I just want them to be happy,”

With the goal of lifting spirits (as well as her own), Schreiber put on her Warriors sweater for the Dallas Mavericks home game on November 9th, 2016. And when the dance cam came knocking,  Schreiber answered by moving and grooving and made a lot of people happy.

The rest is history.

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