Hooplife: The luxury cars that LeBron, KD, Curry and top NBA players drive

steph-curry-tesla-model-x-car-nba-starsNBA players have always been on the forefront of style and trends. Not only have players recently upped their fashion game, the cars they drive have always been a symbol of the success in the NBA (not to mention that legroom is a prerequisite).

Most of the top players in the league seem to either lean towards high-end sports cars, high-class European models or souped up SUVs costing in the range of $70,000+. When you’re an NBA player making tens of thousands of dollars per week, you’re not too concerned that the car gets 4 miles per gallon or how much it costs to top off the gas tank. I’m sure Dirk Nowitzki isn’t remotely concerned about his monthly car note (probably because he paid it off in cash) or the cost of the car insurance he keeps. Their hundred dollar bills are our dimes (or something like that).

Whether you like to go the high-end route like superstar Kevin Durant and his Ferrari, or go exotic like Russell Westbrook‘s Lamborghini, a peek into what cars the superstars choose to drive is always interesting and maybe reflects their personality. We’ve decided to take a look at what some of the NBA’s top stars in the league drive to the game.

STARS AND CARS: What cars do the top NBA players drive?

player car model
Demar Derozan Mercedes Benz AMG G-Wagon


Demar Derozan has become one of the hottest, young superstars in the NBA. This season sees the swingman up as one of the league’s leading scorers. One of his favorite whips while taking part in the hooplife is his Mercedes Benz AMG G-Wagon. The modified family car features blacked out windows and is definitely not stock, as he received it fully blacked out in late Spring 2014.

player car model
Kevin Durant Ferrari California


KD definitely has a taste for high-end sports cars. He has been pictured in a number of cars over the past few years to include a white Range Rover and a red Camaro SS. One of his sweetest rides; however, is his Ferrari California. It always pays to keep an eye on what type of car KD may show up in when he’s not busy getting it done for the Golden State Warriors with the Splash Brothers.

player car model
Russell Westbrook Lamborghini Aventador


Of course, we can’t talk about KD’s ride without mentioning Russell Westbrook. When KD left town for greener pastures at Golden State, Westbrook has simply exploded on the basketball court with everyone wondering if he will finish the season with a triple double average. He also doesn’t disappoint us with his car, having been seen driving an orange Lamborghini Aventador.

player car model
LeBron James Ferrari 458 Spider


We also can’t talk about NBA superstars and their cars without mentioning King James. One of his favorite rides to show up to work in is his red, Ferrari 458 Spider. It makes you wonder what type of mods that his “family” car must have for driving around the family.

player car model
James Harden Camaro Custom


Besides consistently being one of the top point guards in the NBA, Harden also does not disappoint when it comes to checking out his daily driver. The “Beard” is a happy owner of a custom build Camaro, that most consumers would die to drive, let alone own. If he likes to drive his car as fast as he plays on the court, then the Texas Interstates are definitely friendly to seeing what his sports car can do on the road.

One car? Don’t be ridiculous

Many NBA players, including Dywane Wade, Chris Paul and Stephen Curry, have several cars in their owneship. You think NBA players limit themselves to one car? Don’t be silly. They collect cars like we collect shot glasses when we visit Omaha. Plus, let’s not forget the discount they get from Chris Paul’s insurance peddling twin brother.

Player Car Model Est. Cost
Andre Iguodala Chevy Corvette n/a
Anthony Davis Mercedes-Benz S550 n/a
Blake Griffin GMC Denali n/a
Carmelo Anthony Jeep Wragler n/a
Demar Derozan Mercedes Benz AMG G-Wagon n/a
Derrick Rose Bentley Mulsanne $300,000
Dirk Nowitzki Audi R8 $70,000
Dwyane Wade Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren $200,000
Dwight Howard Bentley Mulsanne $300,000
Gerald Wallace BMW 750Li n/a
Isaiah Thomas Bentley Flying Spur n/a
James Harden Camaro Custom n/a
Kevin Durant Ferrari California n/a
Kobe Bryant Ferrari Italia $250,000
LeBron James Ferrari 458 Spider n/a
Russell Westbrook Lamborghini Aventador n/a
Shaquille O'Neal Rolls Royce Phantom n/a
Steph Curry Tesla Model X $75,000
Zach Randolph Chevrolet 1972 Impala Convertible n/a

If you have any additional NBA star-and-car pairings to add to the list, please leave us a note and/or link in the comments section below.

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