How NBA fans “on the go” can always stay connected with their favorite teams


The NBA season can feel like it drags on for the casual fan, hbut ard core fanatics love to follow their favorite team through the NBA Draft, the Summer League, the Preseason all the way into the Playoffs.

If you’re one of these fanatics and have a job that requires travel; finding not just one, but several ways to keep connected with your favorite team on the road is essential to keeping up. This is espeically true if you participate in fantasy basketball, the latest on LeBron James’ or Russell Westbrook’s health can be the difference in who wins and loses in daily and season-long fantasy leagues.

Thankfully, gone are the days flipping through last night’s NBA boxscores in this morning’s USA Today. And we’ve come a long way with technology. No longer are we limited to relying on computer solitaire and online bingo as our technological leisure activities. If you can never get enough of the Phoenix Suns, you are only as limited as your internet connection and mobile data plan.

How NBA Fans Can Always Keep Connected

If you love the Detroit Pistons, but work requires you to go to El Paso every other week, what are your options to keeping up with the latest and greatest news?  Here are a few ways that fans can keep connected to their favorite team while away.

1. Get the Latest Team News, Scores with the NBA Gametime App
The NBA also delivers apps for both Android and iDevices that are tailored to each NBA team. Fans have access to live scores, video, live audio, stats, and other team news and interactive content delivered to the app. You can customize the app to feature your team by going to more > My NBA > Follow+ and choosing the team(s) you’d like to follow.

Depending on the team, the Twitter feeds of the players and team may also be bundled with the app like with the Chicago Bulls.

2. Stay Connected via Social Media
Keeping up with your team is easy if they’re similarly active on the social media of your liking. NBA Connect gives fans the ability to connect with their favorite team on a variety of social platforms. Options include the most well-known social media tools: Snapchat, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, YouTube, Weibo, Vine and more.  You can view an example of the options at the Milwaukee Bucks Connect page.



3. Stream games through the NBA App + NBA League Pass
Most hard core NBA fans will not rely on any one app or method to stay connected with their team while on the road. You can also leverage the free NBA app (available for all iDevices, Android, and Amazon devices) with a paid NBA League Pass subscription so you can also stream live games throughout the season. Stream on your phone or use a Chromecast to “cast” the live game onto your television.

NBA League Pass cast on Chromecast

4. ESPN, Yahoo Sports, and Other Sports Sites

You’re obviously not limited to just the NBA-branded apps and websites, but there are a bevy of other reliable sources including ESPN, Yahoo, SB Nation and Bleacher Report — each with their own dedicated NBA section or download the app. Although some do not care for Bleacher Report, the fidelity of the site’s reporting has significantly improved over the years and is worth having in one’s tool bag when trying to keep up with your favorite team on the road. Whether you choose to follow your team via the mobile website, or download the app, the ESPN NBA portal is one of the must-haves on any fans list of sites to visit for NBA news. You just can’t beat the networks access to teams, players, and those “In the Know” to not at least scan the NBA page for the latest news regarding last night’s game, free agent signings, or upcoming games.

With push notifications, apps, games, social media and streaming, our mobile phones are a wealth of information anytime a fan wants it. With all these options, the gap keeps getting smaller and smaller between a fan and their favorite team. Thanks to advancing technology and the democratization of news, a Knicks fan can be closer to the game and have more access to stats and info when on a business trip in Bangalore, India than actually sitting in a floor seat at Madison Square Garden.


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