Here’s 150 of the most devastating Shaquille O’Neal’s dunks


With Shaquille O’Neal being inducted into the Basketball Hall of Fame, Interbasket decided to put together 150 or so of the Diesel’s most devastating dunks. These one hundred slams remind us of just how dominant and what a unique physical specimen Shaq was when he was in his primee — all the more extraordinary when done in a league of unique physical specimens.

And for approximately 15 years, from the time he came into the league Shaq used his combination of superior size, athleticism, strength and size for an unprecedented amount of earth-shattering, rim-wrecking, opponent-intimidating, center-emasculating, sportscenter-leading dunks. And no one was spared. We felt especially bad for those players that had to defend a focused Shaq in his prime during a seven game series.

Not to mention looking up as a 15 1/2 year old at this giant of a teen. Back in high school, Shaq was a man among boys… because the boys were actually boys. To start out our highlight reel of Shaquille Oneal’s 150 dunks, lets begin with 13 dunks from when Shaq was in high school.

I’m certain there’s more dunks we missed, but YouTube was almost 20 years away and cell phone cameras were more than a decade down the road (all you middle managers that boast about playing against Shaq back in Texas should be thankful that the iPhone didn’t exist). Anyways, enjoy this clip of Shaq dunking on our nephews.

What I would give up to have a video of an infant Shaq dunking on his nursery school peers. Until we have that exclusive video, watch this clip of his dunk highlights from his couple seasons at Lousiana State University. Included in this two minute clip is approximately 55 dunks. Brace yourself as Shaq dunks all over college students (which happen to be the creme de la creme of high school athletes):

That was too easy, guy. Now let’s take a look at Shaq Diesel’s top ten dunks for the six teams he played for during his NBA career.

Shaq’s Top Ten Dunks with the Orlando Magic: Shaq was never skinny, but he’s definitely not the hulking beast he was later in his career (and the one that requires six stools to hold him up on TNT).


The relatively-small Shaq wasn’t as powerful or strong, but that also meant that his freakish athleticism was on full display; flying through the air and landing on top of the Hakeem Olajuwon, Dikembe Mutombo, Alonzo Mourning and Shawn Bradley.

Top 10 Laker Dunks: Though he always referred to himself as “Superman”, Shaq really didn’t become “Superman” until he started playing for the Los Angeles Lakers. Wearing Purple and Gold, he was at his most powerful and menacing.

Top 10 Miami Heat Dunks: The “Black Tornado” next step would be to the Miami Heat, where he would bring his power dunks to South Beach. Though not at his peak athletically, Shaq was still a force to be reckoned with — a self-proclaimed Tornado:

After Miami, Shaq would head to Phoenix. These are the his top ten dunks for the 1.5 seasons he was in the state of Arizona.

Top 10 Dunks as a Cleveland Cav Definitely not what he once was, but O’Neal was still big. Still powerful. Still Shaq on these ten slams in Cleveland.

Top 10 Dunks as a Boston Celtic The Big Shamrock was running out of Diesel fuel at this point of his career, but he still brought the rim rockers… minus about half his vertical.

Six Shaq Dunks in the NBA All-Star Game In this top ten clip, we can add 6 dunks to the total. You don’t think Shaq dunked any less powerful in the kinda-for-fun midseason game, did you? I mean, when you’re that size, there’s no such thing as dunking softly. Ask David Robinson (again).

Top 10 Facial Dunks: In this video, The Big Aristotle victimizes a bevy of NBA centers. No one is spared from Kelvin Cato to Samuel Dalembert to Robert Parish. Luke Longley, the Admiral and Olajuwon all feel the wrath of Shaq.

From House of Hoops come their top-ten favorite dunks of Shaquille O’Neal’s long NBA career. It’s not the best quality, but really, you don’t want to look directly at Chris Dudley getting thrown into the ground, slicing through Aaron Williams like a hot knife through warm butter and Alonzo being hit by what looks like a Mack (Shaq) truck.

Congratulations to the Big Shamrock, Aristotle, Diesel, Shaq-Fu, Superman for being inducted to the NBA Hall of Fame.

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