Ridiculous: Steph Curry has 15 games with at least EIGHT threes this season

Steph-Curry golden state warriors three pointers

The 2015-16 season has no doubt been a banner season for the Golden State Warriors as they continue to break league (and franchise) records for winning streaks, home wins, three-pointers and more.

And needless to say, it’s been a fantastic year for Stephen Curry, too. He hasn’t onlyimproved on his breakout 2014-15 season, but he looks like a completely different player. If last season Curry was one step ahead of the entire league, it feels like he’s three huge leaps this season.

He’s not only on track to break his own regular season record for threes, he’s already obliterating the record 286 longballs he set last season. If he continues the current pace, he’ll skip the three hundreds entirely and be well over 400 by the end of the Warriors’ 82nd game.

Highest Three Pointers Made Per Game Average

How does one begin to break that down. Well, Curry averaged a record 3.6 three pointers made per game last season. This season, he’s upped that record-setting pace by 40%. And how does that break down when you look at individual game performance?

Last season, Curry recorded four games where he hit eight threes or more in one game. With five or so games left on the schedule, Curry has 15 games where he’s splashed at least eight three pointers.

Games with 8+ Three-Point FGM
Stephen Curry 3FGM Date Opponent W/L
Stephen Curry 9 04/03/2016 Portland Trailblazers W
Stephen Curry 8 04/01/2016 Boston Celtics L
Stephen Curry 8 03/16/2016 New York Knicks W
Stephen Curry 12 02/27/2016 Oklahoma City Thunder W
Stephen Curry 10 02/25/2016 Orlando Magic W
Stephen Curry 11 02/03/2016 Washington Wizards W
Stephen Curry 8 01/22/2016 Indiana Pacers W
Stephen Curry 8 01/14/2016 Los Angeles Lakers W
Stephen Curry 8 01/09/2016 Sacramento Kings W
Stephen Curry 9 12/05/2015 Toronto Raptors W
Stephen Curry 8 12/02/2015 Charlotte Hornets W
Stephen Curry 9 11/27/2015 Phoenix Suns W
Stephen Curry 8 11/12/2015 Minnesota Timberwolves W
Stephen Curry 8 11/06/2015 Denver Nuggets W
Stephen Curry 8 10/31/2015 New Orleans Pelicans W

Just this season alone, Curry’s instances of individual game 3FGM numbers are the most by any one player. Again just this season alone, Curry has the more games with eight threes, nine threes and games with ten or more threes than any single, individual player in NBA history.

Put a third, different way, this season has been an unprecedented one behind the arc; Steph Curry has rewritten/dominated the NBA record books.

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