How to watch NBA League Pass using Chromecast

NBA League Pass cast on Chromecast

As long as you have an internet connection, NBA League Pass allows you to watch any NBA game using whatever device available.


With the NBA League Pass subscription, you can choose to watch any NBA game on the schedule* and not rely on nationally-televised (e.g. TNT, ABC, ESPN) or games shown by your local television providers (such as MSG Networks which shows every Knicks game) for your basketball fix.

And get your Stephen Curry fix. Feed your Lebron James addiction. Watch every game of the Kobe Bryant retirement tour for NBA League Pass is like a DVR dedicated for all NBA games. With it, you can watch the games live or replay them when you get home.

With NBA’s recent free trial offer for League Pass, I decided to give the service a shot and watch the Golden State Warriors via Google’s Chromecast device.


Watching NBA League Pass using Chromecast

If your experience with your cable provider has been similar to mine then this is good news: with a full NBA League Pass subscription, you don’t have to call your cable provider to activate your NBA League Pass television channels. All you need is a mobile phone, internet connection and Chromecast.

Here are the steps to watching and streaming NBA games from the app using Chromecast:

1) Ensure that your Chromecast is connected to the TV
2) Both mobile phone and Chromecast should be connected to same internet network
3) Change TV input to whatever you assigned Chromecast (HDMI, HDMI2, etc.)


4) Open the app
5) Go to the league schedule screen

NBA League Pass schedule screen chromecast

6) Locate the Chromecast icon in the upper-right corner
7) If Chromecast button is empty, tap on it to connect

NBA League Pass with chromecast icon

8) If the game is on, press “WATCH” on the game you’d like to stream

Watch NBA League Pass games on chromecast

9) From there, the app will ask you to choose a broadcast you’d like to stream (AWAY or HOME). This doesn’t matter unless you have a preference for broadcast teams.
10) Once you choose your broadcast, your TV should nearly respond instantaneously by showing a progress screen as it loads the game.

And you’re off watching the broadcast live! When I streamed my first game last night, it was smooth for the most part. There were a couple times when the connection between my phone and the Chromecast was lost (and the screen was black only displaying an NBA logo), but restarting the app and casting the game again was easy.


* Depending on your location, you might not be able to view live nationally broadcast games or local games that are being shown by local provider, but that’s okay because that means you can watch on it regular old TV.

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