Stephen Curry pulls out 360 alley-oop dunk vs. Indiana Pacers

Steph Curry dunks

No, Stephen Curry isn’t just a three-point shooter and yes, Stephen Curry can dunk. And apparently, he can do a 360 degree jam, too. Here’s a video released by the NBA’s Vine account last night of Steph throwing one down.

Curry’s dunk was during the layup line before the Indiana Pacers game last night. In the slow-motion video, you can see him bouncing himself an alley oop in which he finishes it off with a 360 dunk. And it’s a clean flush too.

The dunk wasn’t in-game, sure. Okay, it’s not a 360-360 it’s more like a 240, but when is a 360 dunk ever really a legitimate 360 dunk? Even so, considering Curry’s penchant for playing a ground game, this is an eye-opening display of athleticism.

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