Stephen Curry has hit 8 three-pointers in a game more than any NBA player

Steph Curry eight three pointers

Steph Curry hit eight threes again. The “eight three-pointers in a game” is the umpteenth time that Curry has made exactly that amount in a game. And he’s the one NBA player that has done that this many times; in fact the only player to have accomplished it in double-digits.


Though hitting eight longballs in one game isn’t an everyday accomplishment, it’s not quite as rare an occurrence as a quadruple double or joining the 50-40-90 club (which I was shocked to find that Curry was not yet already a part of).

Since the inception of the three point line before the 1979-80 NBA season, one player hitting eight threes in one game has been accomplished more than 80 times. Here are the twelve players that have multiple games of eight three-pointers.

Two things. I’ll start with J.R. Smith — it’s crazy how super-talented he is. His all around skill set should have made him a superstar, but has never shed his reputation as a ornery headcase and probably for good reason. I just shake my head to think of what Smith could have been with the right mental capacity and decision-making skills (on and off-court).


Curry’s Crazy 2015-16 NBA Season

Let’s get back to Curry. He’s hit eight threes in a game ten 17 times in his career; nine of the times that Curry has hit eight three point shots in a game came in the 2015-16 season. To emphasize that point, Curry has hit eight three-pointers four 9 times during his unanimous MVP season alone — this season is enough to put him #1 on this particular list. Since this post was created in 2015, Curry’s added several more games of eight threes. Here’s the list of games in which he ended with eight three point field goals made, when, his point total, and whether the Warriors lost or won that game:

Steph Curry's Games with 8 3FGM
# Date Player 3PT Opp W/L PTS
1 12/21/2012 Stephen Curry 8-13 CHA W 27
2 1/2/2014 Stephen Curry 8-15 MIA W 36
3 1/31/2014 Stephen Curry 8-13 UTA W 44
4 11/25/2014 Stephen Curry 8-11 MIA W 40
5 3/27/2015 Stephen Curry 8-12 MEM W 38
6 4/9/2015 Stephen Curry 8-13 POR W 45
7 10/31/2015 Stephen Curry 8-14 NOP W 53
8 11/6/2015 Stephen Curry 8-16 DEN W 34
9 11/12/2015 Stephen Curry 8-13 MIN W 46
10 12/2/2015 Stephen Curry 8-11 CHO W 40
11 1/9/2016 Stephen Curry 8-14 SAC W 38
12 1/14/2016 Stephen Curry 8-16 LAL W 26
13 1/22/2016 Stephen Curry 8-15 IND W 39
14 3/16/2016 Stephen Curry 8-13 NYK W 34
15 4/1/2016 Stephen Curry 8-14 BOS L 29
16 2/4/2017 Stephen Curry 8-14 SAC L 35
17 4/5/2017 Stephen Curry 8-13 PHO W 42
18 01/23/2018 Stephen Curry 8-15 NYK W 32
19 01/27/2018 Stephen Curry 8-13 BOS W 49
20 01/27/2018 Stephen Curry 8-11 LAC W 44

The 2015-16 alone would place him second all-time in NBA history — more than Ray Allen, Harden and Korver making Curry the all-time leader in this specific stat-category. And in a few of games this season where Curry has hit between 5-7 threes, he didn’t even play in the fourth quarter.

It’s not only safe to say that Curry is going to break the NBA single game record at some point, but it’ll likely happen this season.


To be clear, eight three-pointers in one game is not the individual player record, it’s just really difficult to do. The NBA record is twelve three-pointers held by Kobe Bryant and Donyell Marshall. To see the players that have hit the most threes in a game, check out the 20 NBA players with 10 (or more) three-pointers in one game and continue to marvel at what Stephen Curry has done (and what J.R. Smith could’ve been).

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