It’s Kobe Bryant’s last NBA game in Philadelphia… and it’s going to be bad

Kobe Bryant's last NBA game in Philadelphia

Coming on the heels of Kobe Bryant‘s retirement announcement last night is his game against the Philadelphia 76ers on Tuesday night.

Very well-timed as Philadelphia is where Kobe Bryant was born and where Bryant starred in at a public high school in nearby Lower Merion Township.

“I think the older I get, the more I appreciate coming back here and playing,” Bryant said when his Lakers visited Philadelphia in 2012.

It’s been over two decades since Kobe donned the Lower Merion jersey, but we’re sure that the Philly fans will forget (for one night, at least) that Kobe dissed his hometown and give him a nice ovation — with a smattering of boos.

There’s no question that Kobe Bryant would like to close out his all-star, Hall of Fame career on a high note, but his last game as a professional NBA player in City of Brotherly Love features him along with Robert Covington in an advertising campaign pitting his 2-14 Los Angeles Lakers against the 0-18 Philadelphia 76ers.

Not only that, Kobe’s game has severely depreciated; bad shots that he would hit (or hit the rim), now whiff by without hitting anything. Knowing his career has been coming to a close, he’s hoisting threes at a career pace and hitting barely 1 our of 5 as he desperately tries to find some sort of rhythm.

The four games going into tonight’s game? Kobe has shot 4-20, 7-20, 1-14 and 6-22. It’s so bad that Kobe-haters actually feel sorry for him. Teammates watch as he desperately tried to revive his career. After his 1-14 performance against the new NBA kings, the Golden State Warriors, no less than five broadcasters and former players eulogize his career; each trying to soften the message.

No doubt Kobe will try to go out like a champion tonight. He may or may not hit a few shots, but it’s much more likely that he’ll miss more than he’ll take. That’s what Kobe wants anyhow, to go out on his terms.

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