Here’s why Steph Curry’s 471 points this season is impressive

Steph Curry most points 4th all time

Stephen Curry‘s start to the season has propelled the Golden State Warriors to fourteen consecutive wins — one W away from tying the team record for straight wins to start a season held by the 1993-94 Houston Rockets and 1948-49 Washington Capitols.


And Curry’s 471 points during those 14 games is not only a lot of three-pointers, but it’s the fourth most points in the last 50 NBA seasons through the first fourteen games at least according to the above stat that flashed on the screen during ESPN’s broadcast of Golden State vs. Denver game.


His 33.6 points per game average through this point in the season is historic. The other three player(s)? Not sure, ESPN didn’t mention the player(s) but let’s be honest, Michael Jordan likely holds one of those records — probably holds all three of totals.

If the Warriors defeat the Denver Nuggets tonight, they’ll play the Los Angeles Lakers on Tuesday to become the only NBA team to start a season with 16 consecutive wins.

[Update] Later in ESPN’s telecast, the broadcasters confirmed that the two players that scored more than Curry over their first 14 games were Michael Jordan and another Golden State Warrior Rick Barry. They didn’t mention which player did holds two of the spots, but let’s make another assumption that it’s probably Michael freaking Jordan.


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