Watch Lithuania vs. Spain, France vs. Serbia in Eurobasket Finals

Pau Gasol dribbles against Rudy GobertWhen it comes down to it, there’s something special about teams with a history of performing. Both Spain and Lithuania stumbled a few times during the 2015 Eurobasket, but when they both faced teams that were undefeated, the two historical giants came up with wins.

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Going against up-and-coming powerhouses in France and Serbia, both of whom won all seven of their matches prior to the semi-finals, Spain and Lithuania called on their winning character to move into the Eurobasket finals (discuss in our forum) and cemented their spot in the Olympics next summer.

In the first game, the losers of the semi-finals will duke it out for the bronze. France will play Serbia at 14:00 on Saturday, September 20 (follow the action on our forum). One of these previously undefeated teams will go home with two straight losses after seven consecutive wins, fourth place and a disappointing ending to a fantastic beginning. France, who lost to Spain the day earlier will get an extra day’s rest. Serbia will have the benefit of having the loss still fresh in their mouths. Needless to say, neither team wants third place, but it’s a much preferred finish compared to a fourth-place ending.

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In the finals, we have Spain vs. Lithuania (watch online) playing at 19:00 local time.

Lithuania moves on after defeating Serbia in 2015 Eurobasket

Fresh off a three point win over Serbia in the semi-finals and an overtime win over Italy in the game before that, Lietuva has some strong momentum going into the finals.

The problem is that Spain probably has more momentum. They had to defeat France (discuss), considered by many to be the tournament favorites. La Roja needed overtime and 40 points from Pau Gasol to eke out a five point win over Les Bleus.

Not just that, but they played another team with a history of winning when it matters in Greece in the quarterfinals (discuss). Spain walked out of that bloody back and forth with a two point win 73-71.

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With the Czech Republic win over Latvia, Jan Vesely and company placed seventh and have another chance at Olympic qualification in the OQT next year. Italy and Greece, who finished sixth and fifth respectively will also play in that tournament. Only the two teams playing in the championship will walk away with a guaranteed Olympic spot to Brazil’s Olympic Games in 2016.

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