The Pacers and Lakers are working out a deal for Roy Hibbert


Roy Hibbert was one of the key players during the rebuilding phase of the Pacers franchise, but it seems like he struggled in the single season without Paul George backing him up. There was lots of drama surrounding the player and the franchise over the past season and it seems like GM Larry Bird has decided he’ll steer his team towards new directions, probably increased small ball approach, in the future.

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The Lakers lost the battle for free agents like Marc Gasol, LaMarcus Aldridge and Dwyane Wade among others, which led the management towards signing their fifth or sixth target in free agency in the likes of Hibbert. This will be the first player the Lakers bring this summer and it should be a valuable addition to a roster featuring rookie D’Angelo Russell, sophomores Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle, as well as NBA legend Kobe Bryant. The details of the trade haven’t been made official yet, but it seems like the Pacers will try to clear as much cap space as they can by acquiring multiple draft picks, so they can target some other players in free agency or compile a trade for Denver Nuggets’s duo of Ty Lawson and Kenneth Faried who are placed on the trade block by the team.

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