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Warrior’s Steph Curry setting three-point records in NBA playoffs

Steph Curry best shooter NBA history

When watching Steph Curry play; you’re watching one of the best shooters in NBA history.

Yes, I know that Curry is only a sixth year player, and that “best” usually requires some longevity. I also am well aware that when I honor Curry with the title of “Best Shooter in NBA History”, I am placing him above players like Ray Allen, Reggie Miller, Kyle Korver, Peja Stojakovic and Steve Kerr. These are players that have proven year after year that they’re great shooters.

However, in this case, we have data that backs it up that claim. Even if Curry hung up his sneakers after this season, he’s broken enough “shooting” records to be considered the best ever because he not only shoots and makes a ton of threes, but he is also one of the most efficient.

Lets’ start with his regular season records. Not only did Curry break his own NBA record for most threes made in a season this year, Steph owns three of the top five spots ALL-TIME.

OF ALL TIME! (for emphasis)

Rank Player 3P Season Team
1. Stephen Curry 286 2014-15 GSW
2. Stephen Curry 272 2012-13 GSW
3. Ray Allen 269 2005-06 SEA
4. Dennis Scott 267 1995-96 ORL
5. Stephen Curry 261 2013-14 GSW

Those three seasons? They’re from Curry’s last three seasons so he’s just getting started.

Not all threes are created equal. Just because Antoine Walker and Josh Smith shoot threes, it’s not a fair comparison. Curry shoots threes by the bucketful, but his three-point shooting is currently the third most accurate in NBA history:

Rank Player 3PT%
1. Steve Kerr .4540
2. Hubert Davis .4409
3. Stephen Curry .4405
4. Drazen Petrovic* .4374
5. Jason Kapono .4336

Yes, Curry has been less accurate that Hubert Davis and his current coach Steve Kerr, but those guys were snipers, so the volume wasn’t there. Of all NBA players that have shot more than 2000 threes (of which Kerr and Davis do not qualify), you guessed it — Steph Curry is the most accurate.

After looking at these numbers, the fact that he’s just finishing his sixth year (really, fifth year considering he missed approximately 60 games in the 2011-12 season) went from working against him to working in his favor. Basically, his experience should only help him.

Breaking Shooting Records in the Postseason

Reggie Miller and Ray Allen can’t be happy because Steph isn’t just not doing this in the regular season. Curry is smashing three point records in the playoffs, too. Ray Allen will probably come out of retirement just to go after Curry’s gimpy ankles.

As of yesterday’s win over the Rockets, Curry is just one three-pointer away from passing Reggie Miller’s record for most threes in a single postseason.

Steph Curry NBA record playoff threes

It took Reggie Miller 22 games to hit 58 three-pointers. Curry needed just 12 games to hit 57 three-pointers. It’s very likely that Curry will demolish that record over the next one or two games.

Not just that, but Curry is the first NBA player to make five three-pointers in four consecutive games. Next up? No player in NBA history had five games in which they hit five (or more) threes in one postseason.

Barring injury, Curry has at least four more games in the 2014-15 playoffs and is certain to add another game (or four) of 5+ threes to his collection of shooting honors. Still don’t think Steph Curry is the best three-point shooter in NBA history?

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