One True Snub: Damian Lillard should be on NBA All-Star Roster for Portland Blazers

Damian Lillard mugs because he was snubbed

During this time every year there’s the inevitable buzz around All-Star snubs; players that didn’t make the NBA all-star game but *could* have. I use the term could because, outside of the starters, the outrage is usually personal preference whether for a team or a player or one’s idea of what an all-star should be.

Objectively, reserves usually deserve it just as much as the snub. An equal argument could be made for the player(s) selected and the player that wasn’t.

With all that, every four or five years, around late January, we actually have what I consider an “All Star Snub” — a player that actually deserves a spot over not just one of the chosen all-stars, but over 3-4 others.

By most all accounts, Damian Lillard should be an all-star. It’s not just head scratching, but head-knocking-against-a-wall that Lillard wasn’t a complete LOCK for the team in everyone’s mind.

Lillard over LaMarcus

No offense to LaMarus Aldridge, but Damian Lillard is the unquestioned leader of the Portland. He has the swag, he hits the big shots and he has the stats that should have made him the selection over his teammate for the all-star showcase. I can guarantee not as many people would be as outraged if Lillard was chosen to go to the Madison Square Garden over Aldridge.

Lillard over Duncan

I like Tim Duncan as much as the next guy that likes Tim Duncan, but his pretty good stats (14 points 10 rebounds and 2 blocks) on a 7th-seeded Spurs team just doesn’t cut it in a super strong Western Conference. The “well the Spurs are good in a tough conference” argument only makes Lillard’s third-in-the-conference Portland Trailblazers even more of an argument for the Blazer’s PG to be suiting up in NYC.

Lillard over Durant

When all said and done, barring injuries, Kevin Durant will be the more accomplished player, but this season Durant over Damian is based more on reputation than team performance. Right now, not only are the Thunder not even in the playoffs, they’re behind the Pelicans for the #9 spot. Not to mention that Durant has missed half the season. What adds salt to the wound is that Oklahoma City has two representatives. I could understand sending Russell Westbrook individually, but two players?

Lillard over Cousins

If Lillard not being selected as a reserve wasn’t enough, when it came to replace the injured Kobe Bryant in the starting lineup, the league chose DeMarcus Cousins. Not that Boogie didn’t deserve the nod, but Lillard… well, JUST DESERVES IT MORE. This was a case where the league chose team diversity over a decision over actual performance. They wanted more representation and they got it at Lillard’s expense.

I could get into a Lillard over Chris Paul argument, but then we’re getting into more of a gray area. The fact is, we shouldn’t have to, Lillard legitimately deserves to be in this year’s all-star game over at least 5 players that were chosen (including Kobe Bryant, but I won’t even get into the all-star starters because we’ve had that discussion way too many times) and that’s a complete shame.

We can lightly chat about how Mike Conley, Kyle Korver, Zach Randolph, Nikola Vucevic, and Monta Ellis were looked over, but the only one true snub this year was Damian Lillard.

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