15 Larry Bird GIFs that will make you a believer (again)

Larry Bird shoots the jumper has awesome hair

Not every general manager knows a future NBA MVP when they see one, much less an basketball legend. Not so many NBA scouts thought highly of Larry Bird before he entered the 1978 NBA draft. The Boston Celtics trusted him enough to select him as the sixth player that year and it paid off big time even though they had to wait on the floppy-haired, lanky forward from Indiana State.

Bird not only impacted the game on the court, capturing three NBA championships. Bird influenced current rules regarding contracts. There were tons of new rules that got voted regarding player contracts that changed the face of the game forever. This mainly happened because of the fact that after being drafted Bird stayed in college for one more year and after that became the highest paid rookie till then. This set of rules is today known as the Bird Collegiate Rule. 

During his 13 years in the league Bird led his Celtics teams to three NBA championships and was named the Finals MVP two times. Bird was also a regular All-Star and capped 12 appearances in 13 seasons. Larry Bird, along with Magic Johnson, was one of two halves that defined the Lakers-Celtics rivalry. Bird had all he could handle with an on-court nemesis like Earvin Magic Johnson.

Between 1984 and 1987 the Lakers and the Celtics played in three finals, but sadly for Bird his team lost two out of three competitions against Johnson. After he finished his career as a player Bird came back to Indiana as a head coach between 1997 and 2000, which is probably the golden era of the franchise history. He is currently the GM of the team and is mainly responsible for the huge success that the Pacers had over the past couple of seasons.

Here are 15 GIFs that represent Larry Bird to us:

15. The legendary towel whip during the ’86 Finals against the Houston Rockets. 14. Tons of flair for a white kid from Indiana.

13. Scoring 60 points in a game? Not a problem for Larry. 12. Rodman stated that Bird was the toughest guy to guard in the league. Ever. 11. Bird had some crazy court vision. 10. The Bird was always a great team player. 9. Developed a great connection with McHale. 8. He made shots even from behind the backboard … 7. … in mid air … 6. … 40 feet buzzer beaters, you name it. 5. But game winners were his specialty. 4. Again and again, even against double team defense.  3. Hustle is the name of the game. 2. And when the double team comes just go for the no look over the head pass to Robert Parish. 1. Even the no look behind the back looks easy when Larry makes it.

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  • #13 was not a buzzer beater. It was his 60th point that came as time expried

    #11 showtime against the lakers….except thats not the lakers lol

  • Aleksandar Spasevski

    Duly noted 🙂 that the Jazz? I can’t recognize them without Stockton and Malone in the lineup 🙂

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