Steph Curry freezes Russell Westbrook, Thunder with left-handed yo-yo dribble

Steph Curry between the legs yo yo dribble OKC thunder

Not all two points are created equal.

Steph Curry is best known for his shooting ability from afar, but he’s more than. It’s not that the Golden State Warrior has above-average skills outside of that, but his passing and handles are among the best in the league. It’s just his shooting range is so exceptional, that his amazing handles and feel for the game is overlooked. Of course, it’s all related, his shooting ability allows him the ability to get into the lane and hit a teardrop or throw a behind the back pass, but that severely underestimates his overall skill set. For example, take a gander at this move he puts on Russell Westbroook and the Oklahoma City Thunder a couple days ago:

The thing with Curry is that he never seems like he is going to put a move on you/shoot the three/attack the basket; his demeanor remains unphased. His unassuming body language is on full display as he dribbles up on the break. Once Curry reaches the three-point arc with his left hand dribble, he goes between his legs.

The move freezes Westbrook. With the same left hand that he placed the ball between his legs with, Curry grabs the ball and attacks the basket, leaving Russell on the other side of a quick move. All this without ever touching the ball with his right hand… well, not until he goes up for the easy layup.


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